My Dog Hates Going Outside

Dogs can sometimes portray very funny behavior that most dog owners may fail to understand, like refusing to go outside.

It becomes even more frustrating if you cannot identify the possible reason behind the behavior. It may be possible that your dog doesn’t like noise or are scared by lightning and other scary situations outside.

Sometimes your dog may just be in a bad mood and refuses to step out of the house. Whatever the case, you need to learn how to solve this problem. Here is what you should do if your dog hates the outside world.

Be patient

No one would love to get back to a place where they got traumatized before. If your dog had some bad experiences when they go out for the first time, you should take time before taking them out again.

Don’t try to take away the trust your friend has in you by forcing them to go out when they are not ready. Pushing or pulling them in a bid to get them out of the house will only worsen the situation and might jeopardize the relationship you have with your furry friend.

Make the door a great place for your friend

If you want your dog to get over a scary place or something, try getting them to familiarize themselves with the situation by visiting the place several. It’s like training them to face their fears head-on. Make your door area to be a rewarding place for your pooch.

You can do several things there, like feeding them or putting their toys at the door. Though it may not work first since your friend may decide not to go there, it will eventually work if you persist.

Don’t get demoralized if they won’t oblige but instead come up with a better strategy such as putting the items far from the door and moving them closer with time.

At last, you will see your friend checking the door to get some goodies and may start stepping out from time to time, even if not as far from the door.

Leave the door open

If you have a screen door that can keep your good friend safe, leave it open if much is not going on, and there are some quietness at home. But don’t take away great treats from the door, go on with giving your dog treat whenever they are looking outside the door.

Since you want your dog to feel good at the door, always encourage them to be there with treats and toys.

If you continue with this, they will eventually understand that the door and the outside world isn’t a bad place after all. They might start stepping out more often, and eventually, the fear will fade away.

Try using high-value treats

Don’t just stick to one type of treat since your friend can lose interest soon enough. You may think you are luring your friend to go outside, but they might find the treat not worth and decide not to come along with you.

Keep on adjusting your treats by giving them a variety of high-value foods, which will make them surprised and, at the same time, excited.

If you don’t know the kind of high-value foods your friend may need, you can simply pay a visit to a vet for some advice.

Train the back command

Back command is the most helpful training to give your friend who hates going outside. Have your friend in front of you then move directly to their space.

They will probably move backward. Don’t forget to do it with some rewards for a treat whenever they move backward. Do it repeatedly and in several rooms until your canine friend understands the exercise.

You can add the cue “back” when your friend seems to understand the exercise. Repeat the same in another room with the door open. Let the dog move back towards the open door, as you follow. Give them treats and praise whenever they got outside.

Give all the attention to your friend while outside, but when you get back inside, try to be boring without offering them any treats. By doing so, they know that being outside is always good. Increase the amount of time you spend with your furry friend outside daily so that they get used to it.

Proper timing

Not all the time, should your puppy get outside? Create a routine daily. Most preferably, morning and evening hours are the best time to take your friend for an exercise or take a walk.

In the morning, most dogs like going outside for some nature calls, especially when they have the urge to potty after a long night.

Take advantage of the situation to train them to get used to the outdoors. Enjoy some good time outside, and don’t be in a hurry to get back in. Your friend will get used to staying outside, and they will eventually give in and start going out on their own.

Use outdoor greetings

You both have an inseparable relationship with your pet. This makes them miss you a lot when you are not around them or at home. So whenever you come back, they feel excited and can’t wait to meet you for a hug.

Take the advantage and greet them outside while clipping their leash. They will, in turn, see outside as an appealing place.

See a vet

Maybe you have practiced all the training, and still, your friend doesn’t seem to cope with them? Well, the veterinary behaviorist can sort you out since that is there an area of specialization. Let your vet handle the rest.

You are always the pack leader of your furry friend at your home. So are entitled to help your pet overcome the fears of going outside.

Always follow the right way as discussed in this article to wade of the anxiety your friend may have while outside. Practice them regularly, and with time your friend will be ready to go out any day.

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