My Dog Hates Going to the Vet

If your dog hates going to the vet, you’re also in trouble as the visit will be full of issues. A visit to the vet might turn disastrous as your dog can growl, snarl, or snap at the vet. You will not love this embarrassment, and you’ll always tense whenever it’s time to visit the vet. But what will you do when your furry friend gets sick and needs a vet’s care? What are the reasons that make your puppy hate going to the vet? Finding the right answer to these questions might be tricky but relax. Please read this article to know what you can do to make your canine change his attitude towards going to the vet. You’ll also learn the reasons why he hates going to the vet here.

Why Your Canine Hates Going to the Vet?

Don’t think that your puppy hating a visit to the vet is his will; he doesn’t know the best way out. The hate comes from the fact that he fears the traumatic experience at the vet’s office. Another reason is becoming anxious after meeting other animals at the facility, something your hound doesn’t love. If the vet restrains your puppy or gives him an injection, it may also stir hate.  If not, meeting strange people at the vet’s office can also make him hate going there as dogs don’t love strangers.

The following are ways to get your puppy to change their attitude. 

Do Similar Check-Ups the Vet Does at Home?

If your furry friend hates going to the vet due to treatment, he gets there to practice the same at home. If most of his vet visits are for a check-up, do that at home too. Check his ears, look at his eyes and teeth. Holding your puppy down at home can also make him familiarize himself with such treatment. Don’t forget to hold his paws but in a gentle manner as you praise him. A few treats can also make your work easier.

Do Frequent Social Visitation to the Vet’s Clinic

Usually, you only take your pup to the vet when he’s sick or for vaccines. Since this type of visitation involves injections and holding down, he’ll hate it. Your puppy will feel that the vet’s office is only for such things. To make your puppy change this notion, do frequent visits to the clinic just for a social call. While at the office, let him receive lots of treats to make him love coming back. Let the social visits be regular so that by the time you’ll be going for the treatment, he’ll not be hating going to the vet. However, if your hound refuses to buy the idea, never force him; allow him to work at his pace.

Introduce a Muzzle

If your puppy gets aggressive whenever you’re going to the vet, a muzzle can save the situation. Whenever you’re set to visit the vet, put the muzzle on his mouth. But this is after making your puppy comfortable with the muzzle at home. Please do this by wearing for him the muzzle often but, of course, after tones of praises.  Remember introducing the muzzle to your hound for the first time at the vet can make him hate it too. Wearing the muzzle to the vet’s clinic will prevent him from biting people.

Why Not Bring Your Vet Home?

If your dog knows when it’s time to visit the vet, it can be challenging bringing him out of his room. To avoid the struggle, let the vet do house service. Most vets can offer home treatment for your canine, so call them. Doing this will help your furry friend reduce his anxiety, making him relax when undergoing check-ups; if you’re lucky enough to find a vet clinic that offers fear-free clinics, the better. With the fear-free clinic, your puppy will receive behavioral therapy helping him manage his anxiety.


If your puppy hates going to the vet, you should try any of the above methods to make him receive treatments. However, it would help if you understood that the techniques might fail to work or take long before your hound overcomes his fears. When this happens, be patient. But you can also give him anxiety medications to reduce his fears.

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