My Dog Hates Her Crate

A crate is an essential item for dog owners since it makes it easier for you to take care of your dog. The crate helps in the management and training of issues like potty training. Additionally, the crate is an ideal place for the dog to sleep and relax when she is unwilling to be with the rest of the people. Unfortunately, your dog may fail to appreciate her crate as you do. In most cases, the dog fails to appreciate the crate because of the dog owner’s improper use of the crate. Luckily, by understanding why your dog hates her crate, it is possible to change her perspective and start enjoying its benefits. Here are some of the reasons why your dog may hate her crate and what you can do about them.

Why Does Your Dog Hate Her Crate?

As mentioned above, knowing why your dog hates her crate is the first step towards making her love it. Research has helped come up with some of the reasons why your dog hates her crate. These reasons include:

The Introduction Method of the Crate

If you missed the right way to introduce the crate to your dog, she might hate it. For instance, you may have opted for the crate as a solution when you want to leave your dog. With time, your dog will realize that she is left alone after getting into the crate. This will make her hate the crate, especially because dogs hate being left alone. On the other hand, the dog may have lived in a crate all her life before you adopted her. This makes her develop a negative attitude about crates, thus hating the one you try to put her in.

You Changed Her Environment

If your dog had no problem with her crate but then suddenly hated it, you may have changed her environment. Generally, dogs love routines and consistency. For this reason, if you change the location of the crate, this may stress the dog. Additionally, in case of anything new in the crate, such as clean sheets or pillows, they make the dog hate the unfamiliar environment. Try changing back the crate to its previous position. You should also retain a toy that she plays with when you change her pillows to reduce the change’s effect.

She Is Trying to Attract Your Attention

As a responsible dog owner, when your dog cries, you rush to ensure that everything is okay. However, though this helps ensure that your dog is safe, it ends up causing more harm than good. With time, your dog will realize that this is a way to attract your attention. For this reason, when your dog is in the crate, she may start barking and making other sounds as if she is in pain. She makes this sound not because she hates the crate but because she wants to attract your attention.

It Is Uncomfortable

Discomfort and pain can make your dog hate her crate. It is possible that your dog has grown too big for the crate and is no longer comfortable in it. Therefore, before you conclude that your dog hates her crate for no reason, check whether she is comfortable in this crate. It is also possible that there are pests in her crate, which is why she hates it. Eliminate such factors that could cause pain and discomfort in your dog’s crate to make her love it.

Her Age

As your dog ages, her bladder gets weaker, and she develops joint problems. With such problems, it is hard for her to stay in the crate. With a weak bladder, she may need to pee several times in the night. This makes it hard for her to live in the crate. On the other hand, if she has problems with her joints, it is hard to live in the crate. Therefore, if your dog is older and may have developed such problems, avoid the crate for her. Due to her reduced energy, you may not have to crate her since she is mainly inactive.


Knowing the reason why your dog hates her crate will help you make her love the crate again. Though this may take a while, do not despair since she will eventually love it if you do the crate training right. However, if health problems are the reasons why your dog hates her crate, do not force her into it since it ends up causing more harm than good.  

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