8 Tips if Your Dog Hates Hugs

Your canine buddy finally aces the paw handshake command perfectly. Excitement overwhelms you and you automatically reach over to give her a hug for a job well done. When your arms go around her, you notice she turns away and does not want to be hugged.

Although hugging for humans is vital to life, for dogs it does the opposite. It makes them feel trapped and stressed out. The dog may turn away and may even seem frightened. The dog feels the need to run away.

Hugging makes dogs feel scared. Fortunately for you, there are several ways to be affectionate with your pet without having to cause entrapment and anxiety.

The exceptional tummy rub

Beneficial hormones are released when a human engages in hugging. Dogs receive similar positive signals from the brain when they get a tummy rub. Body language is the key.

When a dog is ready for stomach rub, It rolls over on its back and stretches out imploring for contact. This very act demonstrates trust and a longing for some form of affection.

The dog opens himself to you and shows its vulnerable side. This shows that the animal trust and loves its owner. When a dog rolls on its back for a belly rub, it is longing for touch. The animal wants to feel the of someone it loves and trusts.

Toys for bonding

It is important to get dog toys for training, pleasure, and bonding. The toys should also allow the dog to have interaction with you, its owner.

The best type of toys to get are the fetching, hiding, and tugging types. The dog should be able to play and connect with its owner and receive positive praise in the process.

Through play with the toys, affection, support, and praise can be demonstrated to the animal resulting in a lovable friendship.

Giving toys to dogs that they know is specifically for the time they spend with the owner is special. The dog will come and seek out the owner with the toy to play.

The warmth of a touch

Touching has always been important to human existence. The touch of a mother’s hand on a sick child’s face can bring healing.

Holding the hand of someone who has an illness and is in the hospital has proven to be helpful in healing. This is the reality for a pet.

Touching a dog can bring calmness and healing to people. The reverse is also true, a dog obtains comfort, a feeling of support, and healing when touched.

Petting the dog and gently touching it helps the animal to feel secure, calm, and loved. The ear of a dog is a good place to touch. Dogs love their ears to be touched and it demonstrates affection and communication. Dogs feel a sense of high and experiences a light euphoria.

Playful games

Playing games with dogs is another way to demonstrate the love and affection that an owner has for the animal. It is as simple as taking a walk and playing follow the leader or a chasing game.

Swimming with your dog is another way to create that closeness. Friendship is created in playing games and doing activities with a dog.

Running around and having the dog chase you highlights partnership and bonding. This creates a sense of closeness, sharing, and affection. Doing playful activities with your pet allows for the proper exercise.

It also for both owners and dogs to do activities that they both cherish.

Talking to soothe

Talking has always been a way for humans to feel connected and comforted. When an animal hears the voice of an owner, there is that feeling of trust and comfort.

Again, talking causes a bond and an understanding of the dog that this is someone special.

Hearing the voice of an owner causes joy, calmness, and assuredness that it is cared for and adored. The conversations do not have to be long, short repetitive sentences are all that the dog needs. A soft reassuring whisper in the ear, when a good deed is done is always good.

Talking to the dog while doing an activity and verbally going through the steps is another way of letting them know they are appreciated.

Communication is key. Just as dogs learn what we are saying, it is important to understand them and their needs.

Sharing is caring

Sharing edible items with a pet is another way to let them know that you adore them. Hence, sharing is an activity that creates a routine for an owner and a pet.

Sitting together and having a snack to eat is always appreciated by the owner and dog. Doing this creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie for both parties. It always gives each party something to look forward to.

Training is tough love

Training a dog helps it to develop good habits. A dog obtains motivations, play, and praise when training with an owner.

The dog delights in having its owner’s attention and causing happiness. The dog loves and trusts the owner and only wants to do what is right for its owner.

Music to inspire

Playing music for a dog allows some time with the owner and dog to share tunes that they like. This is a way for humans and animals to share their love with being together and the music. Some dogs learn how how to sing by howling.

They can enjoy and feel calm and comfort in music. Together the pet and the owner share a similar calm and anxiety is removed. Sitting together and sharing a song is beneficial to the dog and the owner.

Like humans, dogs do not relish in a strong hug. Don’t lose faith, there are so many ways to show your delightful pooch how you adore them.

The best way to help a dog who abhors hugging is to find what exactly makes it happy at heart. Simply follow the steps provided above and your dog will feel your unending affection.

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