6 Tips if Your Dog Hates Injections

Part of bringing up a dog will involve the use of injection at some point for various purposes. The injection can be for vaccinating your dog or administering medication.

The fear for injections is not just in human beings, dogs too tend to get afraid of injections. If you are dealing with a dog who suffers from diabetes for example. Injections are going to be a part of the routine which your dog has to familiarize with.

However, getting your dog to accept an injection can be hard more so if he has fear which has been built up from past experiences. As much as you love your dog and you might want to have him forego the injection.

Always remember, part of the love you have extends to your dog’s health. You therefore should find ways to ensure he accepts the injection. If your worries have been about what you should do. Here a to-do list that can help you.

Don’t inject one area severally

If the injections are for diabetes, for example, your dog is going to get them often. Injecting in one area only will make the dog sore and might become hostile at any attempt of an injection.

Therefore exploring other areas of your dog’s body will allow the already injected body parts to heal. If you often inject the shoulders, you can try the hips next time. When you vary the areas you intend to inject from time to time, the pain will be minimal.

Let the sense you apply be from a human point of view. If you injected your butt every day for a week, the pain will become intense.

However, if you try and inject other areas like your arm for example. The pain of your experience will be minimal. Therefore as much as injections are obvious hate for most dogs. Trying to make them bearable for your dog is the best you can do for him.

Massage your dog before an injection

A massage can help calm the nerves and muscles hence making an impending injection bearable. Spend time with your dog and help him relax as much as possible. Once your dog is calm enough, he might forget about his injection schedules and even better handle them with ease.

The intent is to ensure right before your dog has his injection, his mind and emotions are right.

Otherwise, a dog who hates injections so much can fear to bite you or become super aggressive. If your dog becomes aggressive towards you because of injection the relationship between you two might become strenuous.

Tease him often so as he won’t be aware when he is about to receive an injection

If your dog hates injections, he will often be aggressive when he sees an injection coming. Just like you could tease a baby you can try the same tactic on your dog.

Take part in his skin on the shoulder or hips and pinch him. Do the pinching at intervals during various times of the day. The intention is to have your dog thinking an injection is coming.

Mimicking the injection without the actual act will eventually have your dog’s thoughts of the injection.

Finally, you can inject him with ease, he might not even realize you were about to inject him. Also when you inject your dog when his thoughts are off the injection. The chances of being hostile like fear biting become minimal.

Give your dog some treats

No matter how bad your dog hates injections, he will always be in for some treats. Dogs love some pampering and for them, one or two treats can take their mind off the pain. Before you inject your dog, always have his favorite snack or toy with you.

The treats in your scenario will act as a lure for him to accept to take an injection. If your dog ends up associating treats with injections. Then you have beaten him at his own game.

Therefore have him receive his injection then reward him with a treat. In the end, he will start thinking taking an injection is a good act which deserves a reward. Treats will often soften the heart of your dog and he can begin to receive injections with ease.

Stay calm before the injection

How you act before you give your dog an injection determines how he will react. Dogs know how to sense their surroundings and they will even sense your emotions. If you are tense your dog will know and the same case applies to when you are calm.

Hence trying to stay as calm as possible will keep your dog clueless about what is about to happen. When your dog receives an injection suddenly, he might only be in shock of the occurrences. Otherwise, you will know he will always have a hard time trying to know when you are about to inject him.

Don’t inject with cold substances

Try as much as possible to ensure the contents in the syringe are at room temperature. If the contents are cold, your dog might be caught by surprise and even become aggressive. Remember your dog already hates injections and the least you can make him go through is cold substances in his skin.

Injecting your dog with medication which is cold might end up making him lose trust in you. He might end up having a negative attitude towards you.

Every time you move towards him, he will always be suspicious of your actions even if they are with good intent. Consulting with your vet will help you know how to heat your dog’s medicine. Also, you will get to learn the best way possible to inject your dog.

If an injection is done the right way, your dog might not feel too much pain. You just require the right tactics and the hate your dog has for injections will become minimal.

Using the given ideas, injecting your dog should no longer be a struggle. As much as he hates injections, he can for sure learn to tolerate them.

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