My Dog Hates Intact Males

One attribute that dogs have similar to that of man is their ability to hate and love. Isn’t that wonderful? It may take us years and even decades to fully understand our furry buddies. There’s more to them than what we see at first glance. We know them to be sweet little animals who get emotionally attached to us. However, it does not end at that.

The same sweet dog can be one cause of another individual’s terror. They can choose to like or even hate their owners. Can you imagine that? Well, it’s true. But there’s more; your dog can even hate a fellow dog. That sounds pretty like you and the Thompson family next door.

If you think that you’ve already learned enough for the day, we still have one that will blow your mind. The fact that your dog can look at another dog and judge whether they share anything in common or not. Those are hard stuff to digest in an instant.

In this article, we will zoom in on a situation where your dog hates intact males. We tell you why your dog hates intact males and whether you should be worried. We also tell you what you can do about it. If you are ready, let’s chat.

Don’t Blame Your Dog

You probably never expected that your dog could have negative feelings over dogs, right? Well, that’s not your dog’s fault. Think of it this way; There are people out there in your workplace or the Thompsons across the street who you cannot stand. If you are honest with yourself, you know we are telling the truth.

Human beings are subject to the law of the land. And if you cannot stand them even when under some limitations, what about dogs who follow no law? Male dogs will harass one another to gain superiority. They will even gang on each other when threatened. One bite to the abdomen or the back of the neck, and they’ll send each other to an early grave.

In short, your dog has another life to live when they are out there. Even when you take them out for walks, they feel unsafe and threatened. It’s worse when they are alone in the home since intact males will always find their way into your compound.

Why Your Dog Hates Intact Males

Having understood the world in which your dog lives, let’s look at the reasons your dog hates intact males. According to experts in animal behavior, there are several reasons your dog will hate intact males. However, the reasons we provide may not be the exact reason for your dog’s attitude. That is because dogs are different. Let’s proceed.

A Previous Encounter With Intact Males. If you happen to have any basic knowledge of dogs, you know that they do not forget. So there could be a possibility that the intact males intimidated your dog by causing fear or harassing him. Your dog still has fresh memories of the occurrence, and he attributes the behavior to all intact males.

Your dog isn’t familiar with the new environment. That aspect is prevalent in dogs that are just graduating from puppyhood. However, remember that you also contributed to this problem because you did not take your canine buddy out for walks. So he did not meet intact males. Now their very presence is a threat to your dog.

Should You Be Worried?

Whether or not you should be worried is based on the frequency of encounters. Since your dog hates intact males, expect a fight once in a while. But since intact dogs are always on the loose, you are justified in worrying. It is best to take precautions to ensure the minimization of the encounters.

Signs That Your Dog Hates Intact Males

The primary sign of your dog’s hatred is aggression. You may see this through eye contact (staring), barking at the intact male, or lunging. Their ears also tend to point forward as a sign of agitation. You will even notice that his tail gets stiff, and he bares his teeth too.

Contact Your Vet

If the dog’s aggressive behavior persists, you may need to seek help. An animal behaviorist would be ideal in helping your dog get accustomed to intact males and other dogs. Based on your dog’s history, he will determine the cause of hatred and help him overcome it. He will further advise you on the measures you can take while at home.

Let’s Recapitulate

While you may be the reason our dog hates intact males, all is not lost. Exposure to other dogs can help him overcome the hatred. However, if the abhorrence is because of previous negative encounters, you would do well to be cautious. You wouldn’t want anyone to harm your furry friend. In case the behavior persists, you can consult an animal behaviorist for help.

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