8 Tips if Your Dog Hates Interceptor

Interceptors are commonly used to prevent intestinal parasites such as hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms. It is usually recommended for use all year round for dogs even during winter. Getting your dog to take interceptors can be one difficult battle.

It is funny how a dog can eat cat pops but end up having trouble swallowing interceptors or any other pill.

If you have been having a difficult time trying to make your dog take interceptors, below are some of the top guiding techniques that you may consider to solve the problem.

Add the interceptors to delicious foods

The technique is very useful, especially if your dog is a food lover. You can simply use cream cheese or butter because of their slippery nature though they are not highly recommended because they may cause pancreatitis conditions.

Chunky peanut butter are among the best choice because the appearance of the pill may not be seen. Simply find out your dog’s best meal and add the interceptors in the food.

Pill pockets are another incredible invention that entails a dog treat with a hole inside to insert the interceptors. Dogs normally love them but the major disadvantage is that they are expensive and less available. Pill pockets are mostly sold by veterinarians and pet stores.

You can also add the interceptors in foods like plain yogurt, boneless chicken breast, and hot dogs as a way of bribing them.

The trick and treat method

Dogs are just like human beings and once they get used to your bribing methods, they become wiser. So you need to employ other tactics which involve mind games.

The technique basically entails preparing the medication while the dog is absent. Put the interceptors in the treat and then thoroughly wash your hands after disposing of the bottles or the package. The main aim here is to make the dog feel appreciated.

You can achieve this by making the dog perform something to earn the treat. This way, it will not be skeptical, and eventually, it will swallow the interceptors before you know it. Dogs can easily read our facial expressions and so you should approach it confidently and joyfully.

Pill-ception approach

The technique virtually involves hiding the interceptors in other pills. For instance, the gelatin capsules. Usually, dogs hate sour tasting foods like lemon and so hiding interceptors in other pills is a very creative method. Gelatine capsules are your solutions to both taste and texture challenges.

The only thing you need to do is to open the capsule and carefully place the interceptors inside then press them together. The dog will swallow the pill because gelatin capsules are neither sour not bitter.

Combine pill time with daily walks

It is arguably the most hassle-free way of administering pills to your dog, mainly because dogs are easily oblivious when on a walk. The scenic beauty of the surroundings and the different sounds and odor will most definitely make him less dubious.

The dog will obviously focus on the new environment and the beautiful things within its vicinity, hence making it unlikely to pay attention to the interceptor smell.

This is indeed a great technique to consider but you need to ensure that you take the dog into new exciting and attractive surroundings that would capture its attention.

Pretend to eat

If your dog is perhaps obsessed with a certain human food, then you should probably use it to your advantage.

All you have to do is to bluff as if you are biting the pill together with the treat. Ideally, the goal here is to prepare the pills while the dog is watching you. Eventually, when you offer the dog its treat, it will swallow greedily without even thinking twice.

Some human foods are not however safe for dogs. You will therefore need to research more about the safety of the food that you would want to feed your dog to avoid some health complications.

Crush the tablets

Compared to solid tablets, crushed tables are easy to hide since they become tiny to feed. Whether you are using pestle and mortar, hammer, or pill crusher, try to break the pills into a fine powder so the dogs can easily swallow them.

Crushed pulls can be administered by either mixing them with food or filling an empty capsule with the powder. You may also consider diluting the crushed tablets in a solution or even add the powder in a water trough before feeding the dog.

The jaws method

The technique is a dangerous one but when well approached, it can be helpful eventually. It precisely involves grasping the dog’s upper jaw and lower jaw with your thumb and the first two fingers and then opening them wide.

Take the pill and then push it down the tongue at the base and not on the tongue. Unless the pill is sweet flavored, your dog will spit it out without hesitating. Therefore ensure that you push the tablet down the tongue. You may also consider using the powder form of the interceptor.

Get help from your veterinarian

Have you tried all the above methods but failed? It is time to seek help from your nearest pharmacy or veterinary officer. They will recommend a viable technique for you.

However, visiting a vet may be an expensive option, especially if your budget is a bit restrained. Simply try to carefully follow the simple steps outlined herein to achieve the best results and avoid such unnecessary expenses.

Rewarding your dog every time he takes his interceptor is very important. It is a way of encouraging him to take his pills in the future and not necessarily fighting it.

You can make it a competitive play by involving other dogs in the exercise as well. Focus on ensuring that the dog that takes more of the pill is highly rewarded to encourage them to consume the pills.

The techniques above will help you in administering interceptors, particularly if they hate taking the pills.

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