My Dog Hates It When I Blow on Him/Her

Dogs just do not like it when you blow in their face. One reason could be that your dog interprets blowing at them as a sign you are trying to dominate them. Watch two dogs who do not know each other.

They stand nose to nose puffing and huffing in a fit of heavy breathing. One of the dogs may back off at this point. Because your dog perceives blowing in their face as being told to “back” off, you are confusing your dog.

Think about it. You would not like someone to come up and blow in your face, so why would your dog think your blowing in their face is fun?

What happens when you blow at your dog?

Dogs cannot blow air through their nose and mouth, and you blowing in their face causes them to become confused and perhaps disoriented. If something is unknown to them, many dogs will react by biting at the air. They are warning you to stop since it is unpleasant.

Why do dogs lick the air you blow at them?

When you blow air into your dog’s face, they exhibit a reflex to lick their nose and keep it moist. Biting at or licking the air is a natural reflex. They do not know what you are doing and instinctively lick, snap, or bite at the air.

Dries out their nose

You may think it is fun to blow in your dog’s face, but it affects their nose, the eyes, and their ears. Your puppy’s nose is critical for them. They have millions of sensors in their nose, and your dog uses it to detect odors. Their nose is the sensory object that gives them an idea of what is around them.

When you blow on their nose, the dog’s nose may dry out, and this causes anxiety it is now difficult to smell the world around them.

With a dry nose, your dog cannot judge what is around them. Dogs may become violent, snap at your face, and warn you to stop. You might be in danger of your dog biting you in the nose!

Blowing raspberries at a dog

Blowing air in your dog’s face is bad enough, but when you blow raspberries at them, you are triggering a threat. When dogs fight, they growl at each other, and this causes a puff of air into their opponent’s face. When you blow raspberries at your dog, he thinks you are threatening and challenging them.

You are too close for comfort

Think about what would happen if someone in your family came up nose to nose to you, and suddenly blew air on you. Most people will hate this, and so will your dog. Most dogs are uncomfortable with a direct stare and placing your face to close their face is irritating. The result could be a bite to your face.

Do not get mad at your dog. You have made them uncomfortable, and you are loud and annoying.

Causing bad behavior

A dog just does not like you blowing in their face. If you keep on doing it, your dog is going to get more confused and annoyed. He has no clue what you are doing.

Blowing in their face is something they do not understand, and it is frustrating. They may sneeze and shake their head, so just stop, or your dog may become aggressive and snap.

Dries out their eyeballs

If you puff in a dog’s face, you may temporarily dry out their eyeballs. Drying out the eyeballs is uncomfortable for your dog and causes them discomfort. It is difficult to blink the dryness away and takes time for a dog’s eyes to become moist.

Blowing in a dog’s ears

In addition to causing them discomfort by blowing in their face, blowing in a dog’s ears is not painful, but it is uncomfortable. If you blow into your dog’s ears, you can cause them panic and the risk of injury.

Dogs have fur around their ears and blowing in ears causes an incredible amount of discomfort. How awful for your dog!

Hanging their head out a car window

You may think that blowing in your dog’s face is the same as your dog putting his head out of a car window when you are driving. Short and vicious blowing in at your dog is not as safe as fresh air hitting their face out a car window.

The fresh air they experience carries many different scents that your dog enjoys. Think about blowing in their face. They are smelling strong and invasive smells from your breath.

Show respect to your dog

Blowing in your dog’s face may seem like a fun game, but if your dog acts uncomfortable, stop doing it.

We may think it is funny to tease your dog, but dogs just do not understand what you are doing. Dogs are sensitive and will remain loyal to their humans I the relationship is based on mutual respect. Respect their personal space.

Once you realize your dog does not enjoy having air blow on them, it is wise not to let anyone else blow on them either. If you or others persist in blowing in your dog’s face, your dog may become aggressive.

He might get upset enough to bite someone who blows at him.

Playing with your dog is great, and you should play with them to keep them healthy and well-behaved. When we play with dogs by doing things that are baffling to your dog, they will not understand what is happening. There are ways to play constructively with your dog and ways that cause them discomfort.

Play dogs do not like

Do not aggressively chase or lunge at your dog. Avoid grabbing your dog and pulling it toward you. They do not understand the quick movement and may get uncomfortable.

Do not blow in your dog’s face; it is not funny. Whispering into your dog’s ear is annoying to dogs.

Talking in a high-pitched voice is grating on their nerves. A dog does not understand you are affectionate. They may wag their tail, but a is not always mean to them you are playful.

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