7 Tips if Your Dog Hates When You Cough

Do you need help because your dog has hateful feelings about coughing? Don’t worry. Stay calm and don’t have feelings of sadness.

Your dog loves you just the way you are. We’ve put together a few ideas to help you and your dog get through this uncomfortable experience.

Cough to the side

If you have a pup that insists on disliking the experience of you clearing your congested throat, by all means, please cough the other way.

This will help both you and the dog have a better day. Often, you can feel the cough coming on through your nose or chest. Sometimes, a cough can come sporadically, so learn to feel your own body so as to help with the loud heaving experience.

Your dog will appreciate that you turned your head away and controlled the experience for the sake of his hateful self.

In time, maybe your dog won’t hate it but might experience the possibility of developing tolerance.

Coughing to the side will show him that you care about his distaste and this experience could help your relationship in time.

Get a handkerchief

If the canine in your life doesn’t carry around a handkerchief for you in its special dog backpack, think about purchasing a handkerchief for yourself and keeping it in the pocket of your shirt or shorts so that you can use it as needed.

The next time you have to cough, place a handkerchief in front of your mouth.

Remove yourself from the room

Should you feel the urge to cough, remind yourself that your dog does not fancy such a thing. Remove yourself from the room wherein your dog is relaxing and cough somewhere else.

This will help your dog remain calm and pleased with your decision to consider such feelings.

Cough near your other pets

If your dog does not like to hear you cough, think about coughing near your other pets. They might be pleasantly surprised to feel such an internal volcano erupt.

Your dog will be pleased that you chose to share such an experience with any other pet. This should make all of the animals feel considered. If you don’t have another animal, think about stepping outside so that your pup will remain calm.

Cough with your mouth closed

If your dog is bothered by the loud eruption of your sudden cough, you could consider the way that you choose to allow your body to suddenly combust.

If your body is usually unrestricted and flailing around when you release a cough, this could be the reason that it makes your dog uncomfortable.

From your dog’s perspective, he could be so very alarmed and uncomfortable. To make your dog feel like you care about his or her feelings, think about holding back the urge to bust open your mouth and jolt out germs loudly.

You might close your mouth or hold as much breath in; simply consider the way that your dog might feel when you suddenly burst and see if you can modify the experience so that it won’t be so sudden and loud.

Cough on the dog so that they get used to it

If your dog does not like your cough, you could just keep coughing and let the dog know that you both simply have to be who you are. You may not like that your dog has large bowel movements from time to time, but you love your pooch anyway.

Chances are that your dog, even if you make the pup uncomfortable from time to time, will probably love you no matter what. If the two of you can learn to accept who you are in all your glory, this could be the best way to live for the both of you.

Ideally, don’t modify your behavior, but love your dog and let them know that even if you cough, everything is still ok with love.

You might spend some time looking into your dog’s past and understand what exactly makes the pup so uncomfortable.

How might you understand the pup and how could the pup understand you. If the dog seems uncomfortable, have a little chat with the animal and let them know, in a calm voice, that there is nothing to be afraid of.

The pup will appreciate that you are spending time talking with him calmly just after the cough happens.

Next time, he may not be as fearful. After a while, you might teach your dog that human coughing is natural.

Teach the pup not to have such a strong distaste for your personal body functions. Over time, if the pup still just can’t stand the way you cough, you might consider removing yourself from the dog before the coughing continues.

Don’t ever cough

Take a supplement like an elderberry so as to keep your self from illness. There are many cough drops that can aid in keeping your throat lubricated.

If you can’t find a remedy to the cough after some time, you could call a veterinarian and let them know how important it is to get your dog some earplugs. Alternatively, you call your doctor and simply rid yourself of behavior that upsets your pup.

If you will show your dog that he or she is allowed to have feelings of hate for the way that you operate in your own four-layer bio bodysuit, they may learn that it is alright to have differences between you two.

Let your dog know that you don’t exactly fancy the way that he passes gas sometimes. This will help the two of you to get on the same page with understanding each other’s different bodies.

Conversations with your dog about natural body functions should help both of you become further aquatinted with the bodies you were both born in to.

In time, this should help with hateful feelings. It is so important to build a life of healthy communication regarding diverse body functions.

We hope this article helped to calm you both down. If you liked these ideas, check out our other remedies and answers that will help you and your pooch stay connected. Remember to love each other no matter what sounds each of your body functions creates!

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