7 Tips if Your Dog Hates Kisses

If you like to kiss your pup and your pup doesn’t like to kiss you, you might have the most pleasing challenge without even knowing it!

Learning how to get your dog away from the feeling of hate os so important. We came up with a few ideas to help with you and your dog’s communication.

The most important thing to remember is that nobody else can teach you what your dog wants. This kind of resolution comes when you and your dog engage in an intimate relationship.

Don’t worry, your dog won’t hate forever and the pooch loves you no matter what. We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you and your pup learn how to express affection in a way that will benefit both of you.

Kiss the dog harder

If your dog hates kisses, they may just have had a bad kissing experience in the past. You might want to kiss the dog harder. Perhaps soft kisses are annoying to your dog. If you will take the time to press a little harder into your dog’s fur, he may or may not like it better.

Tone down the sound of the kiss, perhaps your kissing sound is condescending or unlikeable. Don’t blame the dog, check yourself.

If you hold the dog while you kiss harder, this might make for a better dog kissing experience. Whatever you do, don’t kiss the dog the same way. Har kisses cold simply be your dog’s preferred style.

Kiss the dog softer

Your kiss could be the grossest thing in the world to your dog. Especially if you know he has a distaste so strong that you would call it to hate.

Think about the dog’s experience when you put your lips to your pup. Is the kissing sound too loud? Is the experience too jolting? Are you embarrassing your dog or making the pooch feel objectified?

Take the time to understand what kind of kisses your dog prefers. You might try a quiet kiss. Perhaps, a kiss that ends with a different sound.

Think about your dog’s face and try to understand how your dog feels that makes him feel this way. Is it the way you hold the pooch?

Is the pup more comfortable with a kiss and go as opposed to being smothered and kissed at the same time? Change it up a little and see if you can help your dog like such a loving thing.

Don’t kiss the dog

If your dog hates kisses, the canine might just not be that into you. See if your dog prefers a kiss from a stranger. Maybe your dog prefers to be hugged, sans the kiss.

Learn what the dog likes and help your pup understand that your kisses are an expression of affection.

Think about the way you are naturally inclined to kiss your pup. If the pup really hates it, change it up. Try to kiss so very soft so that you don’t mess up your dog’s hair.

Think about the variables in the way you kiss your dog and experiment with different kisses. When you find a kiss that your pup doesn’t hate, kiss the pooch this way forever or until your pup hates it again. Then, repeat the process.

Kiss the dog somewhere else

Perhaps your dog has a strong distaste for where you kiss his body. If you kiss your dog on the head and he simply can’t stand it, try to kiss the pup on the cheek or paw. After some time, you might find that your pup will react in a less displeased manner.

Stop offending the dog: If the dog isn’t down for your kiss, you might simply respect the dog and stop kissing him.

Think about how god it will make your dog feel if you stop trying to make him take something that your dog does not want. If your dog hates your kisses and you keep kissing him, you might just kiss your relationship goodbye.

Instead, try to think about it differently. Maybe your dog is more of a fist bumper. Perhaps a daily hug will suffice.

Remember that your dog counts on you to do what is right because you are the dog’s primary caretaker.

If you kiss your canid and he’s already let you know he doesn’t dig that kind of thing, stop offending him and listen to his cues.

This should help remove the hate from your expression of affection. If you listen to the way your dog feels, you should be able to get on the same page.

Learn what your dog’s problem is

So your dog hates affection–this much you know is true. Think about how and why your dog got to feel this way. If you can share empathy and compassion, you might be able to find another way to show affection.

Maybe your dog simply likes to have boundaries. Let your dog know that this is ok and think about finding another way to express your feelings for your dog.

Staying within a respectable distance might be exactly what your dog wants. Find a way to feel ok with your dog’s needs.

Talk to your dog

Sometimes, a conversation with your pup can help. A dog will always listen and you might find that if you take the time to speak with your dog that it might be the most rewarding experience.

Perhaps he might inspire you to create homemade dog treats or dive into baking special puppy treats.

You could find a kiss shape cookie cutter and create a different way to show affection. Do your best to understand your dog and we assure you that it is possible to get on the same page.

Dance with your dog instead

If your pup doesn’t like to kiss, find another activity that you can share together. Maybe there’s something that your dog needs and wants and he doesn’t know about it.

Try to dance eight your dog or put on some relaxing dog television. it could help with the way the two of you connect!

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