My Dog Hates Labradors

Does your dog react so badly to Labradors that they can’t stay in the same room? Dogs can be quite discriminative of other dogs based on several aspects. For example, it could be how the other dog walks, vocalizes, or even the other’s size. Experts say it could be the odor, the energy, and intelligence difference between the Labrador and your dog that jolts the pup into making that murderous stance. Anything distinct about the Labrador could trigger your dog into a massive rage or unsettling anxiety. Here is an in-depth explanation for your dog’s sudden behavior change in a Labrador’s presence.

The Lab’s Appearance Could Be Off-Putting to Your Dog

Most labs are black, yellow, light-colored, and a mix of other colors. Perhaps your dog has never encountered such striking or dark colors. In their rulebook, the colors may not be cool. Besides the color, Labrador’s facial appearance may infuriate your dog, making them question if the other is normal. The smushed face or the bulging eyes of the other dog may make your pup think he is not a dog, after all. It is why he will develop that disinterest and not acknowledge the Labrador. Your dog is just being normal and can be attracted or not to certain looks and personalities.

Meanwhile, others argue that it all boils down to your dog’s socialization. For instance, if your dog didn’t interact with other breeds from an early age, they might find it difficult to accept the Labrador. Experts also say dogs with a history of abuse can find it hard to accept, particularly other fiercely looking dog breeds.

An Underdeveloped Smell Sense Can Make Your Dog Hate the Labrador

The dog world works so much differently from humans. For example, canines value and make use of their sense of smell to identify, interact, and acknowledge other dogs. But a typical Labrador has a squashed face, which can compromise their sense of smell, such that they will not greet your dog on the first interaction. Your pup can misrepresent this lack of acknowledgment from the other as rude or aggressive, and that’s where the hostility begins.

This unique Labrador physique is also why they get picked on by other dogs, who may think of them as inferior. Dog trainers always advise owners to begin as early as possible to work on their dog’s smell sense to avoid pitfalls. For example, the use of scent games and treats can improve how the affected dog can begin to pick out all scents, including those of their fellow dogs.

Perhaps Your Dog Detests the Labrador’s Open Personality

Labradors are highly sociable dog breeds with humans and other dogs. They are known to vocalize and befriend other dogs regardless of the breed almost immediately. They will innocently budge in another’s space without care as close talkers. But that jovialness may not work so quickly with your dog, who may feel the other is getting into their personal space. Depending on your dog’s personality, they may think the Labrador is somehow rude, and it could be why they react negatively towards them. The good news is that you can easily hack this negative stance once you understand each breed’s temperament and personality.

How Can You Defuse the Bad Energies?

You can use various techniques to teach your dog to accept other dogs, including the Labrador. But the success may depend on your breed. Trainers say while it’s much easier to rein in smaller dogs, larger ones can be a headache, sometimes needing professional help. Even so, basic obedience is a key obedience method to make your dog learn the heel, sit, and down commands. You can use them to hold your dog down for a while as the other dog passes by.

Again, each time you use the command, you rein them in so that they can begin to accept the other dog, albeit gradually. Another very effective method is the short leash and muzzle, which can stop your dog’s aggressive behavior around the Labrador. But what if you can’t stop your dog from hating? Then avoid the Labrador altogether. It helps you keep off all the unpleasantness, anxiety, and stresses that occur after these different breed types meet.

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