My Dog Hates Leaving the House

Leaving the house to spend time outdoors with your dog is interesting for humans. Unfortunately, in most cases, when you are outside with your dog, only one of you will be having fun. For these reasons, you may realize that your dog hates and is resistant to leaving the house. Your dog may be resistant to leaving the house because of the many things that he is afraid of outdoors. For instance, he could be afraid of a barking dog, sounds and smells that you cannot detect, fear of bad weather, and fear of pests such as bugs. Though these fears may seem unnecessary, they are the reason why your dog resists leaving the house. Read on for more information on the dos and don’ts if your dog hates leaving the house.   

What to Avoid Doing if Your Dog Hates Leaving the House

Sure, it is frustrating to see that your dog hates the outdoors regardless of the much fun you have there. However, some of the things that you may do when your dog hates leaving the house may make the bad situation worse. Some of these things that you should avoid doing if your dog hates leaving the house include:

Carrying Him Outside

One of the first things that come to mind when your dog is reluctant to leave the house is carrying him. However, carrying the dog outside does not help you solve the problem. On the one hand, this makes the dog associate being carried with leaving the house. This way, he refuses you to carry him even when you do not intend to take him out. On the other hand, when you put him down outside the house, he will still feel afraid of everything that made him fear venturing outdoors.

Forcing Him Outside

Facing your fears is one way to help humans do what they thought they could not do. However, when it comes to dogs, forcing them to face their fear of leaving the house causes more harm than good. You may force your dog outside by either closing the route back to the house or using a chain to drag him out. Although this may work for humans, dogs may fail to understand why you do it. Instead of learning, it makes them hate the outdoors even more.

Punishing Him

Punishing your dog is never a solution to help him face his fears. Punishing him makes him associate going out with punishment, thus hating it the most. Just like punishing without training does not work for humans, so does it never work for dogs to help them face their fears.

How Do You Help a Dog Afraid to Go Outside?

The don’ts mentioned above are the most used by dog owners to make them love leaving the house. Since these methods do not work, other dogs will make the outdoors fun for both of you. These are:

Identify What Makes the Dog Afraid

As mentioned above, many fears make your dog fear going outside. Understanding these fears is the best way to help him learn to leave the house. For instance, if your dog hates going outside because of the neighbor’s dog, go out with him when the neighbor’s dog is indoors. On the other hand, if your dog hates outdoors because of pests, avoid going where pest infection is possible. Eliminating such fears makes it easier for your dog to love outdoors as you do.

Use the Feeding Station to Train Them

You can use your dog’s feeding station to teach him to face the fears outside. Place the feeding station near the door with the door closed, and with time, you can open the door. When he gets used to this, you can gradually move the feeding station outside. This will help the dog familiarize himself with the outdoors and stop his fears.

Play Outdoors

If you have a playful dog, you can take advantage of this to make him love leaving the house. Scatter his toys outside and ask him to fetch them. When he is in a playful mood, he will forget his fears and go out to fetch his toys. Ensure that he has fun outside after he gets his toys and makes the indoor moments boring. This way, he associates outdoors with playing, and you will no longer have to force him to leave the house.


Taking your dog outdoors is not only fun but also healthy. Unfortunately, some of the things that your dog fears outside may make it hard for you to convince him to leave the house. Luckily, by using the right tips, you can gradually convince your dog to leave the house and start enjoying the benefits of being outdoors.

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