10 Tips if Your Dog Hates Liquid Medicine

Our loving dogs eat and chew on many different foods and objects, whether we want them to or not.

However, when it comes to taking their medicine, they are just like humans. They would rather not be bothered with it. Here is a list of 10 tips on how to feed liquid medicine to your dog.

Hide it in their food

When medicine has a flavor the dog dislikes, it is especially hard to give the dog what it needs. Liquid medication can be injected inside of their favorite dog or human foods they find appealing.

Some pet stores even sell specific tasty treats to hide the medicines within it. A flavorless option of medicine is especially a helpful type of administration if it’s available.

After administering the medicine, make sure the dog does not spit it out or eat around it. After many doses, dogs may become more crafty in how they avoid taking their medicine, so be on the lookout.

The best type of food to use when mixing with medication is wet and strong-smelling food. Dog noses are strong enough to smell many medications hidden inside of their food.

In order to mix it up, you can give treats without medicine before and after administering liquid medicine.

You must keep the dog guessing so the dog will not associate one moment or one treat to the medicine. Giving a treat without medicine afterward adds an extra bonus. It makes sure the dog does not spit up the medicine but swallows it all.

Apply the competition

If you have more than one dog, you can use competition as a way to motivate your dog. You can give a treat to all the dogs in the same room at the same time.

Give the treat mixed with the medicine to the one in need. Seeing the other dogs receiving their treats will encourage the dog in need of medication to eat its treat quickly.

Just make sure the dog swallows the medicine and it doesn’t end up in some other dog’s bowl or tummy.

Capsulize it

If the dog finds the medicine nasty or bitter, you can find empty capsules in which to put the medicine. The capsule will keep the dog from tasting the medicine. It might also be easier for you to put it in its mouth.

Putting a capsule into a dog’s mouth can be scary, but a professional can teach you how to do it. For those who are too scared or intimidated, there are pill shooters.

They will place the medication at the back of the dog’s throat and keeps you at a safe distance.

Play catch

Train your dog to be able to catch treats in the air. After catching multiple treats successfully, you can toss the treat with the medicine.

The dog will eat it just the same. Be sure to follow up with more normal treats to encourage and reward the dog. Hopefully, the dog will remember the good parts for the following treatments.

I would not advise trying to give the treats by balancing the treat on their nose. Putting it near the nose will give the dog plenty of time to discern the real from the fakes.

By tossing them, the dogs are too focused on catching the dog treat rather than discerning if it is medicine. If your dog is struggling with catching, you can just drop the treat from above its head. Be sure though it is far enough away so the dog can’t sniff it beforehand.

Make the right choice

Present the dog with two treats. One treat is mixed with the medicine and the other is a normal treat. Show the regular treat to the dog as you feed the other dog treat to it.

The dog will get too excited to eat the other treat, it won’t know what the first dog treat was.

Order tastier medication

Many medications for animals have tasty alternatives you might find easier to administer to your dog.

You may ask your veterinarian if they have a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy which could make tastier treats for the medicine. A custom treat might be a great easy solution.

Get their hands dirty

Another trick is to apply some tasty peanut butter on the paws of the dog. If your dog likes the peanut butter and licks it off, then you’re in luck. You can then mix the liquid medicine with the peanut butter.

The dog will then clean its paw by licking the medicine and eat all the peanut butter. Thus, the dog will receive its dosage.

Out in the open

When dogs go for a walk, they are very excited and distracted by the sounds, smells, and objects around them.

Take the opportunity to give the dog a treat with the medicine in it. The dog will be too distracted to notice it is medication.

Get help

When your dog is just too smart or too difficult to work with, you can get professional help. Bring your dog to the clinic where the professionals can help you administer the medicine for you.

It might be more costly than the above-mentioned tips, but it is still an option.

Treat it like any other time

Medicine time is not one of those times where you should make it special. Saying words like medicine or meds will train your dog to associate nasty medicine to the words.

Associated or triggered words will give anxiety and worry to your dog before administering the medicine.

I will only make it much worse. Just try the above tricks and games to mix it into your normal schedule as much as possible. Treat it like a top-secret mission if you have to.

Despite how stressful, tricky, or challenging giving your dog its medicine may be, make it as fun as you can.

Bribing, tricking, and playing games is just another way you and your dog can bond and become closer. Overall, the medicine will help your dog have a longer, happier life with you, so make it count.

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