6 Tips if Your Dog Hates Loud Noises

Maybe you have taken note of the terrifying effect loud noises have on your dog. Generally, dogs don’t love loud noises but some are able to tolerate them.

Bad news could be yours happens to hate any loud noise. Therefore every time there are fireworks in the neighborhood, he tends to hide under tables. At times the noise can be loud music in the house. The behavior of your dog, whenever there is a loud noise, might be a source concern.

As a pet parent, you are probably looking for ways to make your dog as comfortable as possible. Here is what you can do so as to help your dog deal with very loud noises.

Pay attention to where he hides

Loud noises and the intolerance dogs have a close link to genetics. During the first three months of their lives, if dogs don’t hear loud noises. Then any loud noise afterward is going to be a challenge.

Every dog has a spot in the house or compound where they go hiding when they hear loud noises. If the spot is under the table or car, the comfort they find there is not enough. Probably the noise will still reach him.

Therefore the best step is to find a safe haven for your dog. If you have an empty room in the house, make the room his hiding spot. A room with very little noise getting in will allow your dog to stay calm and comfortable.

Get to train your dog so as whenever there is loud noise he goes there to hide. Also, don’t leave the room so empty. Some toys and snacks in the room will help make the room look habitable. Such small acts of care will help your dog deal with noisy situations better.

Don’t take him to noisy public places

Dogs hate the loud noises which fireworks make. The urge to go with your dog to the park during a fireworks display might be high. However, you might end up being the only one enjoying it. Don’t tag your dog along to places that make him feel uncomfortable.

There is no need at all to go out with your dog then have him acting all aggressive the entire time. If the dog does not find a place to hide during the fireworks display, he is going to become unruly. Such cases can freak you out, and the more you freak out the worse the situation becomes.

Cutting down on the trips to places with fireworks is at the end of the day for the good of your dog.

Ensure you go out to places where both of you can enjoy and not just you. Also, if you are going out of town, you might require some help. Before heading out talk to your dog sitter about your dog situation. In the event, something like thunder happens when you are away.

The dog sitter will know how to handle the dog. Find ways to care for him even in your absence and he will always be comfortable.

Invest in anxiety wraps

If you didn’t know anxiety wraps exist, now you do. Getting one for your dog is the ultimate justice you can ever do. The anxiety wraps are wearable like vests. The vests have some side pressure which helps comfort the dog.

If you notice the rains are about to come you can make your dog wear the anxiety wrap. At times comfort costs some few dollars and if you love your dog and care about their anxiety, then why not?

The one fact you should be aware of is, the vests work and they have for many other dogs. Make your dog among the lucky few. Also, avoid having your dog go into his crate in noisy scenarios.

Dogs will often jump out of where they are and go into hiding. Therefore a crate might injure him while trying to escape.

Distract your dog

Take your dog’s attention off the noise. If you have a tennis ball or your dog’s favorite ball, try to play with him. Throw the ball towards a specific direction and have him run after the ball. Take the ball and throw it towards another direction.

Eventually, you will note his attention being elsewhere. At times the reason why your dog reacts to noisy situations is that he has nothing to do. A busy dog will often have his mind elsewhere.

However you should note, at times your dog when anxious, treats might not work. With dogs, you have to try various measures. Along the way, one will come across which will work in your favor.

Add noise into the daily life of the dog

As much as such a scenario sounds funny, doesn’t hurt to try. Drop tins in the house as often as you can. You can even try finding a metallic surface that you can hit to produce a very loud noise. Watch the dog’s reaction. Of course, he is going to be super anxious at all times.

Repeat the noises for a few days. You will realize the dog will pick up the noises and assume such things do happen within the home. With time your dog will stop hiding when a tin drops or there is a loud noise within the home or even outside.

As much as the trick here might work, limit the noise. You don’t want your dog trying to stay comfortable in a chaotic environment every day of his life.

Also, noises like thunderstorms which are a little hard to deal with. No matter how many times you expose your dog to noise. Thunder seems to produce a different kind of noise in the dog world. Therefore you will have to seek help where need be.

Visit an animal behaviorist

These experts know how to best handle dog behavior. The body language of the dog gets to tell what scares him or her.

Some animal body languages you won’t really understand. Therefore by an animal behaviorist have a closer look at your dog. He will for sure find help.

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