My Dog Hates Me All of a Sudden

A sudden change of behavior in your pet is enough to get you worried. One of those low moments you can experience is when your dog, all of a sudden, develops hate for you. You will explore all options to figure out what is happening with your pup. So, if you are looking for answers to why your dog has suddenly developed a hate for you, don’t leave here yet. This post has all the answers you need.

Can a Dog Suddenly Hate Their Owner?

Dogs have emotions too. If something unfavorable happens to them, it affects their feelings. So, yes, pups can suddenly develop hate for you. Many things can alter your dog’s emotions, making him switch from being affectionate to hateful. See below some reasons that can make your pup suddenly develop hate for you.

Why a Dog May Develop Sudden Hatred Towards You

Many things can make your dog suddenly develop hate for you. One reason is being bored. Maybe your dog was used to daily exercise, and he is no longer getting that. For some reason, you stopped taking him out for exercise. Not doing this is enough reason for him to hate you.

Another reason could be a sickness. Most dogs become distant even from the owner when they are ill. So, if your dog has been affectionate and he suddenly switches to hating you, he could be sick. What you can do is to visit a vet to help determine whether your pup has any health problem.

Depression is also another thing that can make a dog withdraw his affection towards his owner. If there is something that is making him stress out, he will begin to act differently. Some events can cause your dog to become depressed, and when this happens, he stops being affectionate.

Signs That Your Dog Does Not Love You Anymore

Dogs show affection in different ways. Some may run to meet their owner when they come back home. They will wag their tails, pull their ears forward, and give them some lick. When a dog does this, it signifies affection. Some may lie on your lap or lean on you.

However, when a dog stops being affectionate, he will not do any of those things. He will behave indifferently. When you move close to hug or kiss him, he will pull his ears back and move away from you. He may also avoid being around you, and when you call him, he won’t come. When you see these signs and other unusual behaviors, it is a sign that he no longer has affection for you.

When to Seek Help?

If your pet has been affectionate and suddenly starts hating you, you will definitely become concerned. So, if you have tried all possible tricks and he still appears unfriendly, you need to seek help. Maybe there is a problem with your dog that you haven’t noticed yet.

As mentioned above, your dog could be ill. So, you can visit a vet for a diagnosis to confirm any health issues. If there isn’t, maybe contacting an animal behavior specialist may help you manage the situation.

Something Else to Note About Hate and Dogs

Some dogs show affection differently. There are those that love patting and hugging. Such dogs appear excited when you give that to them. However, we have those that don’t like any of those things. If you try doing that, they will pull away. 

But this doesn’t mean that your dog hates you. Maybe the things you consider affectionate such as kissing or hugging, do not ring a bell to him. Dogs have their own ways of interpreting and showing affection. So, if you try to hug or kiss your dog and he pulls away, that should not worry you. It is not always a sign of hate.


Dogs don’t just stop loving for no reason. So, if you notice that your pup has suddenly stopped loving you, find out why he is behaving that way. You can contact a vet to determine if your pup has any health problem. If he doesn’t, you can reach out to an animal behavior specialist for help.

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