My Dog Hates Me Now I’m Pregnant

Most dogs experience a sudden change in behavior once their owner becomes pregnant. While some will be so overprotective that they can’t allow anyone to approach you, others will get repulsed by your presence. Dog experts say there is a close link between your pregnancy and how your dog acts from now henceforth. You can begin to notice some odd personalities due to the physical, emotional, and even hormonal changes you are undergoing. Your intelligent dog will keenly observe these changes and react based on his instincts.

Why Does Your Dog Hate You During Pregnancy?

Massive hormone level changes during pregnancy alter your overall body chemistry. Your dog will even recognize these changes immediately due to his acute sense of smell., which might also be too strong for the animal to endure. The pungent smell could be the reason your dog wants to keep the most reasonable distance away from you. Any attempt to move closer only makes them angry. It could also jolt them into scampering away.

Other Body Changes That Could Be off-Putting to Your Pup

Another reason is that your posture is also rapidly changing, and your dog may consider you as more vulnerable and unable to maintain him. It can be scary and even confusing to your dog that you are not walking upright. The more they stress about it, the more anxious and even depressed your pooch becomes. Such can why they whine, cringe, and even run as you move closer to them. .Finally, the mood changes that you exhibit could also scare off the pup. They will keep observing the way you talk, and any aggressiveness in your tone can make them seek safety elsewhere rather than endure your presence.

Why Obedience Training Could Eliminate Your Dog’s Negative Reactions

Naturally, dogs rely on you for safety and leadership. The best way you can help your dog adjust to your pregnancy is by introducing some rules. Assuming you are in the early stages of pregnancy, you can begin a few training classes for him. You can bring your partner along too. The extra hand can reinforce your leadership position to the pup. Mostly the obedience commands should be based on your dog having something to do.  By so doing, the pup begins to relax and feel confident that you are in control. They will undoubtedly be glad and content that you can now take care of things.

Meanwhile, handling the training session yourself may still be too stressful. Even if you mean well, you may not entirely prevent the occasional screaming and yelling at your dog, making them stressed. Unfortunately, there is no way they can respond to training in a harsh atmosphere. It could be the reason you engage a professional dog trainer for this job. The best thing about hiring a  trainer is that they will immediately take care of the stress and handle problems such that your dog begins to respond.

Important Dog Preparation Tips for the New Arrival

It can never be comfortable living with an angry, aggressive dog. The new baby mostly needs a calm and peaceful environment. For this reason, you may have to start preparing your dog to fit in. For example, such is the right time to start defusing any of those attention-seeking or aggressive behavior that you hound displays. If he’s the type that growls, barks, and even bites, he now has to calm down. 

The most effective way to a calm and collected pup is through obedience training. You also have to help your dog to adjust to baby scents. This is because your dog functions more by smell rather than sight. You can achieve this by splashing baby oils, soap, and even powder into your dog’s crib as often as you can. You can wash his laundry using baby detergent, which all helps him get used to the smell.

In short, life will soon come back to normal once you deliver the baby. In the meantime, use your best strategies to help your dog cope with all the changes going on around him. It is not just the pregnancy, but the impending baby arrival might confuse and stress him further. But with your understanding,  patience, and a few obedience training classes, all will be okay.

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