My Dog Hates Me! Who’s to Blame?

When you adopt or buy a dog your hope is he gets to love you. However, your dog seems not to reciprocate the love you are giving him. You are probably now in distress and all you want is to have your dog love you.

Well, there are various tactics you can use to your advantage. All you require at the end of the day is some effort. Sometimes even our children don’t love us as much but with some effort, they begin to reciprocate. The desire to have your dog love you is totally understandable.

If all you have been wanting is for your dog to stop hating you. Here is a list of what you should do for your dog to stop hating you.

Avoid doing acts which annoy your dog

Do an assessment of your actions lately. Is there an action you have done which could be annoying? Some dogs take time to adjust to a new home. Therefore if you just bought your dog, there are probably some actions he doesn’t love.

Maybe you did not remember to ask the former owner the likes and dislikes of the dog hence bringing you problems. All you have to do now is take note of the acts which the dog does not like.

For example, if you love picking dogs up and your new dog bites or barks when you do so, avoid picking him up.

Eventually, your dog might end up liking your affectionate ways of picking him up but you have to be patient. Picking him up might make your dog not to trust you.

Give him treats

Dogs love treats. The more you give him treats, the more he will begin trusting you and starting to enjoy your love language. When giving your dog treats, don’t stand too close to him. Remember you are looking to gain trust from your dog.

Standing at a safe distance will have the dog view you as a friend and not an enemy. Once the dog has had some level of trust in you, you can begin moving closer as you hold the treat in your hand. The dog will sniff the treat, hence he will view you as a friend coming in goodwill.

Give him the treat and proceed to pet his fur, either on his stomach or neck. At times your dog just wants to feel dominant and the petting will make him feel so.

Your dog then will view you as a friend and not an enemy and will begin to move closer. Pat him and say¬† ‘good boy or girl’. If the dog reciprocates by trying to snuggle you, then you are on the right path.

Talk to an animal behaviorist

If you are new to dog petting, you might think your dog hates you. At times the problem is not about your dog-hating you, you are just in worry he is not giving you too much attention. Dogs are affectionate in nature when receiving the right treatment.

Eventually, your dog will begin to show you some but before then get in touch with an expert. An animal behaviorist will teach you one or two techniques on how to get your dog to love you.

Apart from receiving affection, you will also get training on how to handle the dog in other areas including potty training.

Talking to an animal behaviorist is one of the ways through which you begin your long journey as a pet parent. Even parents with children attend classes way before the child arrives. Hence placing themselves in a better position to deal with their baby once he or she arrives.

Animal behaviorists too get to prepare you for various aspects. Topmost of what you get to learn is how to deal with your dog more so when you feel like he hates you. You might have to spend a few dollars but at the end of the day, you have an assurance of good results.

Stay calm

Whenever your dog is acting aggressively, try as much as possible to stay calm. Have a calm voice when talking to him and he will sense he is the dominant one and you are the submissive one.

The moment your dog realizes you don’t pose a threat to him. He will begin to stay calm around you and even want to play.

Therefore whenever you do an act he doesn’t like and he starts being aggressive, try as much as possible not to freak out. Most times when dogs sense you are freaking out they might even go wild.

Simply put when dealing with an aggressive dog whose behavior you think is hatred towards you. Stay calm, stay in charge, and be nice. Never forget treats and more treats along the way.

Take your dog for a walk

A walk can be calming for a dog, you should, however, be careful he doesn’t run away. Walking your dog is a form of exercise and can help relieve some negative energy. When a dog gets into a new home he might be anxious about everything.

From you, the surroundings, and even to his adapting ways. In return, the dog tends to be aggressive and does not reciprocate to any slight love gestures you make. As much as dealing with a dog’s anxiety can be difficult, exercising will help ease the tension and negative emotions.

Also along the way, he might encounter other dogs for a play. With time you get to realize your dog has begun familiarizing with the environment and even loving you the best way to know-how.

Those snuggles you have been longing for will eventually start to fall into place.

Your dog might be sick

Dogs, unlike humans, can’t communicate when they are sick. Therefore if your dog is unwell he might act as he hates you.

If you often play with him, you will realize he even barks hard when you try to play. Visiting a vet will help you rule out any possible health conditions.

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