My Dog Hates Men

As much as some statements might sound funny. Well, dog problems are many you just have to pay close attention to notice them. While some dogs just want love and attention from any gender, we have some who hate men.

Quite a laughable fact right? While such a dog problem might pass across as funny, to some the same is a major challenge. If your dog can’t stand the sight of the men in your life you might find an issue with the dog’s behavior.

You want your dog to feel comfortable around the people in your life. You also don’t want the men in your life to avoid your house because of your dog.

With dogs, there is always a solution to their behavior. With a few insights from expert views, you can have him on track and all-loving on men.

First, before you find the help you require, let us look at some reasons behind dogs hating men.

Reasons why your dog hates men

Previous abuse by a man. However, such a fact is not obvious but past abuse by the male gender can make them grow the hate.

Another factor that can cause hate is past mistreatment. A dog who has gone through bad treatment under the hands of men can grow hatred. Also, you should be able to differentiate between hate and a dog who is afraid.

Some dogs are just afraid and not hateful. If you are dealing with a shy dog, then theirs could be fear. Shy dogs will most times feel like they are under threat when around men. In the dog world, gender roles are very much alive.

Therefore your dog is most likely to find the presence of men threatening to them. Introducing your dog to human life doesn’t completely rule out their origin. From time to time he will go back into character.

Also as a woman the funniest fact you might hear today is right here. Your dog wants to stay in charge at all times. More like the man of the house.

The moment you introduce a man to your life, your dog might feel like he is losing his dominance. Again with such a fact, roll back to the dog world where gender roles are still very applicable.

Yes, your dog is afraid of losing you hence the hate. Here is some help for you and what you should do.

Find what causes the hate

Having seen the reasons for the hate, the trigger could be one of those reasons. If the history of your dog shows past abuse. The trigger is past abuse.

Now since you know what the route cause is. You have to go on and address the issue. You will have to make your dog understand a few facts like, male presence is not necessarily threatening. Wondering how to make your dog understand?

You have to know at times treats, environment, and actions speak best to dogs.

Find a very quiet and calm environment. The place can even be in your house or yard. Start feeding your dog and ensure he is as comfortable as can get.

The calm environment is to help you introduce the dog to a man. The dog in a quiet calm is most likely to stay calm and listen to you more.

Bring a man into the room

If the calm environment in your house for example, as you feed the dog you can have a man walk in. Let the man have a treat in his hand, some snacks or a nice ball can work just fine.

Watch your dog’s reaction as the next move you make is dependent on his reaction.

If your dog does not seem afraid, have your man come a little closer. The close up might stir a trigger, your dog might go into panic mode. When such happens to dramatize with your male. Have him standstill for some time and then proceed to go down on his knees slowly.

In the low position, the man will look smaller hence less threatening to the dog.

Stand by the man

As your man is in the ‘on the knees’ position. Go stand by him but ensure your dog comes with you.

Your dog will compare your closeness with the man and assume he is less threatening. Your dog’s love will not grow immediately. As you stand by the man, keep petting your dog by stroking him and giving him treats.

As you continue with the theatrics keep reintroducing the man to your dog. The more you reintroduce the man to your dog, the calmer he will become.

Eventually, you will realize your dog will become more comfortable around the men in your life. What you should know is, for dogs once you earn their trust.

They will respect the decisions you make for them including the people you introduce into their lives.


The one-time tolerance to your male friend might backfire tomorrow. You should be persistent with getting your dog to like men. Dogs respond well when they get rewards for good behavior.

We can call the love for treats the dog’s weakest points.

Every time a man comes around and your dog behaves well, give him treats. The treats should be as often as they can get until his behavior changes.

Set boundaries

As shown in the reasons for hate. Your dog might feel like he is the dominant one in your life and house. Therefore the presence of a man might pose a threat to overthrow him.

Set boundaries in your home and let your dog know who is in charge. Issue very clear commands to your dog, establish your ground and put an end to manipulation.

Bring men around more often

After introducing a man to your dog don’t let him disappear only to reappear months later. Keep the constant presence of men in your dog’s life. You can have your brother or male friends pass by often. The more the men come around, the more your dog will outgrow the hate.

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