My Dog Hates My Baby

When you hear of the news that your child is a few months away, you can’t help but get excited. And that is because finally, you will get to be a parent. That is good, and you should pat yourself on the back. It’s quite an achievement. Every family member is doing what they can to enable a smooth transition. If the house is too small to accommodate a large population, couples rent a bigger apartment.

However, one major challenge that arises is balancing. In the efforts to make preparations, couples give less attention to other factors. After your child is in the house, you then begin to see even more significant changes. You realize that there might be some things you overlooked.

Pets are a lot easy to bring home when you are a complete family. However, when you get other pets later after them or add another family member like a child, you begin having problems. Many pet owners have had to struggle with some pets, even killing the new visitors.

In this article, we feature a situation where your dog hates your baby. We tell you why your dog hates your baby and whether you need to get worried. We also tell you what you can do about the situation.

Not Surprising

Picture this; do you have a younger sibling? If you do, you will agree with us that you probably had your share of problems with each other, right? Now your dog is just like you but only different in anatomy and some modification. But when it comes to the matters of the heart, a dog’s heart is also tender. They may be strong out there, but the only people who can break a dog’s heart is their owner. It sounds more like us, right? The people who hurt us most are the ones closest to us.

Every dog owner has had to contend with their dog, hating their baby or the new pet. And while some still struggle with knowing the reason why others already know the cause. So It’s no longer surprising if your dog hates your baby. You are not the first to experience this, and you should thank the heavens for that. Because if it weren’t for that, we would be clueless about the solution to your problem today. Fortunately for you, we have solutions which we’ll talk about later.

Should You Be Worried?

We associate some things with hate. If you hate your neighbor or friend, a negative attitude results from the hate. If you have a negative attitude, we expect fights and confrontations. There can never be peace. It is because of this that we abhor hatred. 

However, this same principle and its roots are not strange to the animal kingdom. For instance, if a dog hates a fellow dog or a cat, you notice he will always get agitated whenever he sees the animal. If your dog happens to hate your baby, you have to worry. That is because his violent actions are a threat to your peace and the safety of the baby. Furthermore, you have to do something about it.

It is also important to note that your dog is not a monster. Hatred is a sign of rebellion. But why is your cute dog rebelling? Could you be the reason and the target? Learn about that in the next segment.

Why Your Dog Hates Your Baby

The natural law demands that every action has an equal reaction. If you happen to throw a tennis ball on the floor, it bounces back. However, the harder you hit the tennis ball on the floor, the higher it rises above the surface. If your dog hates your baby, it does not have much to do with your baby but you.

The principal reason behind your dog’s hatred is jealousy. You are probably asking whether your dog has a reason to be jealous, right? Well, yes, he has. Let’s look at the bases.

Attention before and after your baby is a key contributor. We do not need to ask you since this is quite evident. You know full well that babies are demanding; From the time you arrive at home, you have to give them a lot of attention. That means less attention for your dog. Your dog is intelligent enough to realize the shift.

Your attitude. For some reason, some mothers’ attitudes toward their dogs change when there’s a baby in the house. Some mothers even confess that they used to feel hatred for their once loved dog. That would lead them to lock their dogs in the garden or some other place, as far as possible.

What You Can Do About It

The first thing you need to do is to consult a behaviorist. With the help of a professional, you can get your dog to have a different mindset. When your dog views the baby differently from a rival, there will be no room for hate.

You also have a role to play. Ensure that you give your dog the same attention you used to provide before the baby. Take him for walks, feed him right, be patient with him, clear his litter box, and play around with him. Or else you will have to think about giving your dog to a childless home.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Just like humans, dogs also have feelings and emotions. So when there is a baby in the home, your dog may go through a phase. He may not like the child for reasons that we can understand. Since you desire your baby’s safety and peace of mind in the home, you have to do something. Begin with ensuring that you play your part. Also, consult a professional so that you have better results.