My Dog Hates My Kitten

How about adding a new member to the family? It’s one of those bright moments. Your children are excited, and you can’t wait to prepare for his arrival. In the human family, children react differently to the news of an incoming younger sibling. They get too emotional about it, escalated by their childish insecurities. Other siblings under the same circumstances react positively; they can’t wait to hold their young sibling in their hands.

Pets also have the same reactions; they may get excited on either the positive or negative sides. You only have to wait and see. At the same time, it feels so irritating when you notice a pet misbehaving because you brought in another pet. Since it’s your house, you have all the right to do whatever you want. And therefore, your dog’s acting up tends to make you feel limited. Nobody likes that; we always want to be in control of our affairs.

In this article, we discuss a situation where your dog hates your kitten. You have a hard time not knowing what to do to make your dog settle the differences between them. We invite you to read on. You get to understand your dog’s situation and learn how you can resolve the dispute.

Let’s Be Sure About Your Accusation

Are you sure that your dog hates your kitten? Well, It’s not fair to your dog if you misunderstand his intentions. That being the case, we should therefore give your dog a fair hearing. But since he can’t talk for himself, let’s look at signs that prove your accusation right.

Some signs that show your dog hates your kitten include;

Your dog stiffens himself. That happens whenever your dog sees the kitten. That is an expression that the dog is ready to take the stranger out of his territory. It would only be better if you have some authority over your dog so that he does what you say. If you don’t, then not even you can stop him from attacking. If you prevent him, he may jump on you.

The dog barks at you. Your dog will bark at you since you are giving the kitten too much attention. Your dog cannot stand that since you are limiting his time with you. Now that can be a problem. Since dogs, just like us, have feelings and emotions. They can get jealous when there is a reason to.

Your dog will overeat. When you give your canine buddy food, he will overeat. But that is not strange since even we humans also tend to overeat when we are under stress. That’s a sign that your dog has something up his sleeves.

You will also see signs of rebellion. Your dog will begin tearing stuff in the house. He will even start to chew anything that he comes across. He’ll do that to get your attention.

You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet

All the signs we have described in the previous segment are evidence that your dog hates your kitten. But you have seen nothing yet. Expect more trouble. 

But in your dog’s defense, every dog has hunting drives. And that is because they belong to the wild, just like their cousins, the foxes. So you cannot blame your dog for being himself.

Why Your Dog Hates Your Kitten

You did not happen to bring the dog and the kitten to your house on the same day. Didn’t you? Your dog is behaving that way because he was first in the place. Your adorable kitten is just a threat to him. So let’s look at some reason why your dog hates your kitten.

The first reason is that your dog is a fan of hunting small prey. You shouldn’t expect him not to, especially if you’ve been giving him chew toys. Chew toys are small and mimic a helpless animal since they are always in the small animals’ shape.

As far as your dog is concerned, the kitten you brought into the house is a stranger. You probably haven’t introduced the kitten to the dog. Which is the first thing you ought to do. You’ll learn this next segment.

Your dog could be jealous of the kitten. Since the kitten is new in the family and truly cute, the members’ attention naturally shifts. To your dog, the kitten is turning tables. And therefore, he has to do something about it.

Controlling the Situation

Your dog hates your kitten. It is not strange for dogs to kill kittens, so that means that there’s danger. So, what should you do? Follow on.

The first thing to do is to get the two used to each other. How will you be successful? Animals know each other by their scents. So how can you get them used to each other’s scent? By swapping their towels or blankets. That will make them adjust to their smell. Hence making life bearable and, therefore, peace of mind.

Meeting at the family living room, put your dog on a leash and the kitten in a cage or box. That will prevent your dog from attacking the kitten. Do this daily.

The above methods should take about three weeks. If they don’t work, consult a vet who specializes in dog behavior. They will help you find a solution.

Let’s Wrap It Up

It’s not easy to bring a new member like a kitten to the family if you have a dog. You could trigger a never-ending war. However, when you notice tension from your dog, do all you can to bring peace. If your efforts fail, seek help from a professional.

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