My Dog Hates Nail Grinding

Trimming your dog’s nails can be a challenging task. Even so, grooming your puppy’s nails is vital for healthy growth. Besides trimming, most pet owners find nail grinding a much easier way to keep canines’ claws short and smooth. Grinders are safer, precise and reduce the chances of pain. Nevertheless, some dogs hate nail grinding.

Is Nail Grinding Good for Your Dog?

Dogs with thicker nails can benefit more by using the nail grinding tool. This is because thick claws are difficult to trim with traditional clippers. This dog nail manicure tool for your dog’s claws is quicker and produces better results than the clippers. Your puppy’s claws come out looking smooth, rounded, and well polished.

However, dark nails are difficult to see through, and not knowing where to cut may cause cuts that lead to bleeding.

Why Does Your Dog Hate Nail Grinding?

A dog nail grinder produces intense noise or sound and some heat. Unlike humans, dogs have a sharp sense of hearing and are sensitive to sound. Your dog hears noise more loudly than you do. What may sound like a rustling sound to your ear is likely to be ear-splitting for your puppy.

When placed near your dog’s ears, the manicure tool can make nail grinding an annoying experience for your dog.

The electronic dog manicure tool can generate some heat if left in one position for long. This can hurt your dog’s paw and consequently cause your furry friend to hate pet nail grooming.

Dealing with a Dog Who Hates Nail Grinding

The major issue about your dog’s dislike for the nail grinder is the noise and the heat. First of all, you need to make your puppy grow accustomed to the sound. Gradual exposure can help your dog settle down during grooming. Before you sit down to grind your rover’s nails, you need to read the instruction manual of your grinder. More so, remember NOT to hold the tool in one position longer than needed.

Desensitize Your Dog to Nail Grinder Noise

Dogs are intelligent animals and can learn things quickly. However, when desensitizing your puppy to sound, it is wise to move one step at a time. It is also good to stop the process if your dog shows signs of stress or anxiety.

You already understand how sensitive your rover is to loud noise. Start by sitting next to your furry friend before turning on the grinder behind your back for a second.  Pause in between and repeat this step up to five times before giving your dog a break. Remember to reward your dog for staying calm.

Once your puppy gets to know the sound, introduce the gadget by turning it on in your view for a few seconds. Always repeat the session and give your dog a treat for being calm. Slowly move the grinder to your dog’s paw before you finally touch the nails. If your puppy sits easy, turn on the electric manicure tool and grind one nail at a time on one whole paw. 

Most importantly, reward and praise your rover for every successful step. For starters, you do not have to grind all four paws in one session. It is good to keep the activity short until your dog grows accustomed to the nail grinding tool.

Turn Grinder off Between Nails

The nail grinder is easy to use and gives you better results as compared to sharp clippers. This nail grooming tool reduces the risk of damaging your dog’s paws when used correctly.  However, to achieve successful results, you need to help your dog stay calm by using the grinder properly. It is worth remembering that this tool is prone to heat when turned on longer than needed. The trick to avoid overheating is to turn off the grinder in between the claws.


Dogs have a sharp sense of hearing and are sensitive to sounds. A nail grinding device is likely to irritate your dog.  You may not realize how loud the grinder is, but your puppy has the ability to hear the noise twice louder.  This irritation can cause your rover to be unsettled during the nail grinding session. Your dog’s sudden movements can cause you to cut into the quick, which may lead to bleeding. 

Nevertheless, nail grinding is effective, and your puppy can achieve smooth rounded claws. All you need to do is desensitize your dog to the noise and ensure that you avoid prolonged use of the nail grinder. 

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