10 Tips if Your Dog Hates Peanut Butter

Are you in trouble because your dog doesn’t like peanut butter? Please, stay calm and don’t sweat it.

Everybody’s wanted to share peanut butter at one time or another. Your dog is still perfectly a dog even if the peanut butter experience was not enjoyable. We have put together a list of the top ten things you should do.

Try butter peanuts

If your dog can’t stand peanut butter, you might want to try buttered almonds. Alternatively, take a handful of peanuts and toss them with a tablespoon of butter. Let us know if your dog likes that better.

Make cheese treats

If peanut butter can’t please your pup, try to find a few cheese treat recipes that you can make at home.

Your dog won’t ever cry as much if you make the switch to peanut butter. Take the cheese treats to the park or perhaps surprise your pup after a nice ride in the car.

No matter what time of day that you serve a cheese treat, be sure that the cheese treat has been prepared with love and is toted in a sealed snack bag.

If you won’t take your cheese treat on the go, try keeping the treats you prepared in a nice and pretty dog treat jar. This will keep the dog treats fresh and each treat will hold the possibility to make your dog have a pleasing moment.

Don’t give the dog peanut butter

If the dog isn’t into it, don’t try it. You know your dog. You know what your dog likes. Don’t give the dog what you know the dog doesn’t want.

Perhaps you might get to know the pup a little more and discover a snack you can both agree on. Then, you won’t need help anymore outside of your pup and human relationship.

There are many resources online and in book stores wherein you can learn about healthy dog owners and dog relationships.

If you take the time to learn how to become familiar with your dog’s body language, you might lean to give the dog what he or she prefers so as to make the dog happy as opposed to displeased.

Try jelly by itself

So you’ve gotta be sans thew peanut butter; try just putting a little jam on it. When it comes to store-bought dog treats, it’s easy to add a little something so as to make the dog treat something that you both look forward to sharing.

There might be a few recipes on websites about dogs where you can get together with a great-tasting dog treat and let your dog try out a few different jelly tastings. This way, you and your dog will have a great time trying new things together.

If you like, tuck a little jelly into a piece of foil and place it under your dog’s pillow at night. Then, your dog will wake up to the scent of jelly and perhaps it’s body might catch the scent. This could be a joyous morning for both of you.

Sing him a song

If your pup is not into peanut butter, try to hum a little tune. There’s nothing like a little melody to make a displeasing moment more satisfying.

The moment that your dog shows you displeasure, put the peanut butter away, and sing a little song to help your dog get through the moment.

The best dog songs will hold your dog’s attention. Try out a few different tunes and see if your dog might sing along.

If your dog doesn’t join in after a few tries, check out a search engine on YouTube. You can find dogs singing on several different channels. Hopefully, your dog will become inspired and forget all about the peanut butter.

Help pup take a nap

If the canine isn’t into the taste of peanut butter, you could set the condiment aside and keep the jar away from the dog.

Next, lay out a blanket and fold it in half so as to make a nice and comfortable surface for the dog to relax from the bad experience.

Put on dog TV

If your dog rejects peanut butter, distract the pup by turning on the television. If you don’t have a television, try a laptop or computer.

It’s nice to put on a nature channel or a streaming meadow. Help the dog feel more comfortable and give him something engaging at which, to look.

Pet your dog

If your dog survived a bad peanut butter experience, pet the pooch so much. An uncomfortable tasting experience isn’t easy to get through.

Let the dog take a deep breath and put your hands to the dog’s body. Rub the dog and pet the pup ever so lovingly. This will help the dog forget what it’s like to have to endure the unpleasant taste from the peanut butter experience.

Talk with your dog

Surely you did not know that the dog has a distaste for buttered peanuts. If you’ll gently put the peanut butter away, you might be able to hear the silence after the peanut butter jar hits the shelf. At that time, open your ears to the dog’s feelings and thoughts.

Try your best to listen to the dog. Let the dog share with you what he really wants. Even if you hear silence, at least you discovered that the dog does not like peanut butter.

Stretch your dog’s limbs

If your dog has trouble with enjoying the flavor and scent of peanut butter, please set the can aside. After, relax your dog by rolling the animal onto its back.

Take the time to embrace the dog’s limbs and feel each muscle fiber with the palm of your hand. As you embrace the dog, help the pup relax, and encourage deep breaths while you gently stretch the muscles.

We hope this list helped calm you down after your dog did not like the decision you made. Forgive yourself, and let the dog move on.

For more about your dog, please feel free to cruise our website, and thank you for letting us help you get through these moments.

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