My Dog Hates Pictures

If you have a lovely puppy, you can’t wait to capture your best memories together. You’ll want to capture your moments together and share them with friends. But it’s never easy getting a perfect shot of your furry friend as he’ll spoil it by licking his lips or yawning. If this happens to you, know you’re not alone in this; most dog owners have the same struggle. But then, how do you keep your memories alive with no picture? What are the reasons your puppy hates pictures, and is there a way of changing this? To understand all these read this informative article.¬†

Why Your Puppy Hates Pictures

When your puppy hates pictures, it can be due to the actions you do in the process of capturing the best shot. Dogs can’t talk but can interpret different non-verbal cues. As you try to capture the picture, you’ll do all to please your hound, who hates the picture. But to him, he’ll be interpreting it in his way, making him scared. When your pup is uncomfortable, but you still insist on doing that, making him feel bad, he’ll hate it. And since you won’t realize this, you’ll always insist on taking your pup’s photo, making him hate it more. Something you’re likely to do when taking a picture with your puppy is hugging, and he hates that. So, it can lead to this attitude.

Another reason your furry friend can hate pictures is how you stare at him when capturing the moment. Your stares will scare him, making him uncomfortable. The camera you use can also intimidate your canine as it’s a strange object to him with funny sound and light. If you use a camera with flash and sounds, know that it might be scaring your puppy, making him hate pictures.

Signs That Your Dog Hates Pictures

If your hound hates taking pictures, there’s a way he’ll react to show disinterest or that he’s uncomfortable. Your puppy might yawn, change his head’s position, or scratch himself. Your dog might also run away at the sight of the “scary” camera you’ll be having. At times your pup might resort to licking himself as a show of disinterest.

How to Take Pictures of Your Puppy Who Hates Them?

You can make your puppy love pictures by changing his attitude, but this depends on his emotional response. Doing this will not only change his behavior but also make you get great shots that you’ll love. Before you start the process, ensure there are enough treats for your puppy. Then go to a quiet room with no distractions, not leaving your camera behind. Ensure you pick the camera when your dog sees it but of course, give him some treats for appreciation. Don’t also forget to create associations when picking the camera. Also, give him treats so that he yearns for them whenever he sees the camera around.

After making your puppy comfortable around the camera, you can put it down without giving him treats this round. Try moving the camera closer to your puppy as you monitor if he’s comfortable. If he has some funny signs, move a step back to where he was comfortable initially. You can then take your pup’s picture at this point but with no flash first, give a treat when the camera makes a click sound. You can let your hound go after the clicking sound. You can do the same to flash so that he gets comfortable whenever you use it. A little bit of obedience training can also help as you’ll need your puppy to pose for the pictures.¬†

Handling Your Puppy Who Hates Pictures 

If your puppy hates having his photo taken, you should start training him early enough so that he gets used to it. Allow him to play with the camera under your watch. Don’t use flash and introduce treats. Also, let your hound get comfortable with the noise and reward him for making a bold step if you get a perfect shot.

Ways of Handling Your Puppy Who Hates Pictures

Never force your dog into taking pictures if he hates it, as it will make him uncomfortable. Take his pictures often so that he can get used to them. You can also use a gadget he’s familiar with to take your puppy’s picture.


Not all dogs hate pictures, but if yours do, look for a way to make him comfortable while shooting. Please don’t force your puppy into what makes him uncomfortable. Also, learn the signs that he’ll make when he’s not into pictures.

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