6 Tips if Your Dog Hates Pooping Outside

The presence of poop in the home is very disgusting. The possibility of stepping on the poop and accidentally smearing the entire house floor is high.

Also just imagine you came home with some new friends and the very first sight is the sight of poop. Some people are most likely to leave your home with a negative view of you. Any type of poop should not come anywhere inside a home except in the toilet.

Despite all your efforts to keep your home poop free. Here comes your favorite housemate, your dog who has made your house his pooping spot. A dog who poops in the house can have you experiencing all sorts of negative feelings.

If you love your dog and you intend to have him stay indoors more often. You will have to find ways of making him know his rightful poop place. Chances are you have done all you can to have him poop outside to no avail.

One fact about dogs, there is always a possible solution for their behavior. Wondering what the solution could be? Let us have a look at what you can do to make your dog love pooping outside.

Learn your dog’s pooping schedule

Among the very many tactics which can help you. Learning your dog’s pooping schedule takes the day. You also get to discover a few facts about the digestive system of dogs.

One fact you should know, once your dog eats, within ten to thirty minutes after eating, he is going to poop. If you switch to bulk feeding your dog let’s say every morning, he is going to poop within ten to thirty minutes.

Free feeding will hinder your success in knowing when your dog gets to poop. Therefore the best advice is to try feeding him at once and stick around to check how long he takes to poop. Punishing a dog for pooping inside will have him holding out the poop until you are out of the picture.

Some dogs will even hold out beyond the maximum thirty minutes, once you go to sleep, he will then poop. Therefore avoiding punishments will also help you to learn. Once you know your dog’s schedule.

Ensure you take him out from minute ten onwards. With time the dog will learn where to poop.

Therefore every time he eats and wants to poop, he will go outside. Going outside won’t happen in a day or two. Repetition for dogs forms habits, the more often you take him out, the more he associates outside with poop. After some time you won’t have to take him outside.

Make the pooping environment comfortable

Have you ever taken note of the fact where you take your dog outside and he just can’t poop? Then the moment you step inside the house he goes full-blown with the pooping. At times you might feel like you are giving up.

The thought of giving him away might even cross your mind but hey! Relax. Your dog might just want a comfortable atmosphere when he poops. He should be able to concentrate on the pooping exercise. However, if the outside is too cold, he might not poop.

The indoors which always have the AC provide him with the warmth he requires to poop. When the weather is too cold outside, he might fail to relax his bowels hence the struggle with pooping.

Cover him with a warm blanket, once he is warm he might feel the urge to poop.

Also once he fails to poop outside and you bring him indoors. Remember he might be pooping anytime, put him in his crate and close the door. After five to ten minutes, take him outside once more. The more he poops outside with each passing day, the more he gets to associate poop and outside.

Make him adapt to all types of eternal weather

The weather outside is not going to be warm all year. Winter will drop by or spring, what then happens? Do you let your dog poops inside because the weather is too cold? The moment you let him poop inside you will go back to the drawing board.

After winter is gone, you might have to start training him all over again. Walk your dog outside in any weather. Remember to take care of yourself. The cold might be too much but with warm clothes, you can manage.

Take your dog for a walk through the snow or rain. The intent is to have him know there are various types of weather. Also, he will slowly adapt to the cool weather.

Once he adapts you don’t have to go outside anymore if the weather makes you uncomfortable. Your dog can now take charge and go outside by himself.

Move dinner time to an earlier time

Your dog might poop outside during the day but poop inside during the night. Moving your dog’s dinner time to much earlier time will enable him to poop early. However you might not always be home early, therefore he will eat late.

To help you prepare for a flexible timing. Teach your dog some communication cues when they want to go poop. He can bark or you can place a doorbell for him to ring. A dog trainer can help with learning some of the communication cues.

Crate your dog at night

If you are a heavy sleeper, your dog barking is not going to change the situation. Some people sleep like the dead. Therefore your dog ringing the doorbell might never work for you.

If you want to avoid issues of your dog pooping inside at night, crate him. Better he poops in the crate instead of somewhere on your carpet.

Talk to a dog trainer

Some dogs are slow learners or just difficult to handle. Also, you might be very busy with work and you lack time to train your dog.

Talking to a dog trainer might take off the pooping inside the burden off your shoulders. Of course, you are going to spend some money but such money is money well spent.

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