My Dog Hates Puppies

It is common to find older dogs who hate puppies. Your previously happy rover can become grumpy when you adopt a furry baby. Sometimes this hateful relationship may require that you separate adult dogs from young ones. However, the decision to have puppies grow up detached from senior canines is not always the best solution. Though rovers hate puppies, natural training is vital for young canines.  Even so, this is possible only when you allow the old and young dogs to stay together.

There are various reasons why older dogs have an aversion to puppies. The playfulness and inability to understand dog language can cause an adult hound to dislike puppies. More so, senior dogs hate to have their routine and space interfered with. Sometimes, one may wonder if old canines are jealous or crave recognition.

A Playful Puppy Is Annoying

It is common for young animals to be playful and do things that should not be done. Puppies are naturally jubilant and prone to making awkward moves and blunders.

Adult dogs dislike the surprise punches and tugs that are common with chubby pups. What may seem like endless hugs and string of tugs on the ears can agitate an older canine.

Puppies Are Relentless Invaders

Unknowingly, puppies trespass and do things that violate jungle rules. Taking over the sleeping space of an older hound can be considered a threat or invasion. 

It is common for rovers to establish simple routines like napping at a favorite spot or drinking from a specific bowl. However, puppies have no regard for routine, but instead, will tend to copy or disrupt older dogs. Young hounds do not know territorial rules. Furry babies neither interpret welcome signs nor decipher unwelcome dog sounds.

Your furry baby will intrude on your dog’s space even when given a warning by the older canine. The inability for puppies to comprehend hound body language, snarls, and growls annoy older canines.

Recognizing Pups Before Your Old Dog Creates Animosity

In the wild, it is a law to recognize territorial leaders before the underlings. Some of the strange behaviors your dog exhibits can be traced from the wolf ancestry. Sometimes, it may not be hate that your furry friend portrays, but rather a dominance.  

It is a good idea to always acknowledge an older canine before rushing over to play with the pups. Even so, you cannot blame your four-legged friend for this behavior. After all, it is also human courtesy when addressing a gathering to acknowledge the elderly first or follow protocol.  

What Should You Do if Your Dog Resents Puppies?

Your dog’s behavior needs to be redirected through training. This is because, in one way or another, your dog is bound to meet a puppy. The encounter can happen when you take your canine to the vet or the park for a walk.  The meeting can be inevitable if you plan to adopt a fur baby to keep your dog company. 

To help your furry friend stop being aggressive towards puppies can be challenging. This behavior can sometimes be worse if your dog previously had a bad encounter with furry babies. It might also be true that without experience with puppies, your dog can hate their company. 

However, positive reinforcement can help change your dog’s aggressive behavior towards puppies. It is wise to start by gradually introducing your rover to a fur baby. 

How to Desensitize Your Dog to Puppies

Before you bring a new puppy near your dog, always ensure that your four-legged senior is confined. It is expected that at the first introduction, your canine can bark and snarl at the furry baby.  Even so, let the puppy be visible to the dog at a safe distance.  Remember that treats can help your dog calm down and make this a good experience. Over time, your rover will learn that meeting a puppy equals treats. You can repeat the session until your dog stops barking at the puppy.

By and by, you can have the puppy lie next to your dog.  Remember to reward your rover with a treat for looking at you during this session. It is essential to redirect your dog’s attention whenever he looks at the fur baby.  Give some more treats for obedience and repeat the session until your dog learns to ignore the puppy’s presence.


It is common for older dogs to harass puppies. However, desensitizing your older canine to furry babies can help change this behavior. The trick is to give your rover treats every time a puppy passes nearby without being harassed. Over time, your dog will adopt a friendly approach towards fur babies.

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