My Dog Hates the Rain!

Your dog needs to pee, but it’s raining. Why won’t they just go outside and do what they need to do? Dogs who hate rain are no different than humans. We also don’t want to be out in the rain without any coverings. Dogs are no different.

It doesn’t have to stay that way, however. Through good experiences in this different environment, dogs can get more comfortable with the idea. Let’s go through some tips on how to train a dog not to hate the rain.

Why do some dogs hate rain?

Dogs just like humans do want to get wet in order to go to the bathroom. Mostly they don’t like getting their heads wet. In order to help change their feelings, you will need to go with them and associate happy thoughts about being outside when it is wet.

Dogs have been spoiled most of their lives. As puppies, some don’t experience rain and water except for bath time. House dogs spend most of their time indoors in a warm, comfortable environment.

Thus, being out in a cold, wet environment is uncomfortable. While understanding this, let’s ease the dog into learning new tricks.

If your dog hates rain, hold the umbrella!

When you go out, take an umbrella and hold it over the dog instead of yourself. You can wear a raincoat.

Encourage the dog to do its business. Afterward, be sure to give much praise and rewards for a good job. This process will help them get used to the feeling of having wet paws and fir.

Some owners have raincoats and boots for their dogs. They are nice but too tiresome and a bit much to have to assist every time they need to go out. Most raincoats don’t even have hoods, so the best thing is all-natural. The tips below will help your dog be more independent.

Just like children who watch their parents, your emotions shown in the rain will be felt in your dog. If your dog sees how miserable you are in the rain, then they think they should feel the same way.

Dogs are much happier going for walks with their owners. Go with them and support them. With enough planning and more tips below, you can show them a good time in the rain.

Can you train a dog who hates rain?

In order to train the dog to be okay with rain, take them to go to the bathroom after it rains. You don’t have to wait for rain if you have a lawn that you can water.

Teaching the dog it is okay to go on wet grass will reinforce good feelings towards it.

If you have trees or other coverings, this could also encourage the dog to be comfortable in the rain. No one wants the constant feeling of raindrops on their head.

Setting up a bathroom umbrella outside is not the point. The idea here is to let the dog be in an environment where it can make its own decisions.

Eating on wet grass

Feeding your dog treats or their food will also help them get used to moist terrain. Putting their bowl out on a nice sunny day with freshly watered grass would be nice.

Ease your dog into the feeling of different weather. There is no specific order in how you introduce the elements of a rainy day. Take it at a pace the dog is comfortable with.

Ways to encourage your dog to like rain:

Another way to reinforce wet tendencies is to play with your dog in a sprinkler on a sunny day. Having happy moments in fake rain will reinforce good tendencies for your dog.

Play their favorite games in the wet grass like tug and fetch. Seeing you having fun with them will also help them feel the love for wet paws outdoors.

Always remember not to force your dog. Include yourself and make it look fun. If you can’t convince yourself that being in the rain is not bad, then you won’t convince your dog either. Smiles and encouragement go a long way during this process.

Many people lock their dogs outside until their dog goes to the bathroom. This is bad because now the dog is not relaxed enough to focus.

This will lead to accidents later on in the day inside the home. Scolding and getting angry at them at this time will only make things worse. It will convince them even more rain is bad and needs to be avoided.

Reward your dog for going outside while raining!

Positive reinforcement is when you reward someone or something for good behavior. This reinforcement can be key to training your dog to like going outdoors in all weather.

Pretty soon they will care more about the reward than the rain. Just be ready to mop up when your dog comes back inside.

Having a towel ready to dry them off could also be perceived as a reward for being outside in the rain. No one wants to stay wet and uncomfortable.

Remember to get their paws, ears, and tail. Drying them off will keep your house dry and reduce feelings of discomfort for your dog. Everyone needs a little pampering here and there.


Just like training a dog a new trick, this will take many tries. I may take many tries within one day or a few hours. If you take the dog outside for a walk, using the above tips, and they don’t go, then try again later.

This will not happen immediately, so don’t get your hopes up. Poor expectations will only make you more frustrated and worrisome on your dog. Remember, we want to keep this as a pleasant and happy learning experience.

Be patient. It will take some time and many rain days to get your dog comfortable. This is a process that both of you can cherish together.

Don’t give up. Pretty soon your dog will be hopping through puddles like it’s nothing. Cherish all moments, especially the ones of success.

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