My Dog Hates Showers

What would the world be today if we did not have water? Have you ever thought about that? Well, it’s good to pause and think about such things once in a while. It helps you be thankful and thus gives you the drive to work towards making your environment livable.

You don’t need an education for you to realize the significance of water. One of the chief blessings we receive from the water today is freshening. We are not talking about moisturizing your throat after a hot day. What we mean by freshening is taking a bath. Many people today have different theories on the frequency at which we should bathe. But what sticks out is the importance of showering.

But does the same work for our pets? Or can our pets do without showering? Animals may not need to shower in the wild. But when we domesticate them, there’s a lot of difference. Here we interact with them, and so do the children in the house. That indicates danger. But while some pets are okay with showers, some have a problem with it.

In this article, we focus on a situation where your dog hates showers. We look at the signs that your dog hates taking showers. We also look at the reasons why your dog hates shower time and what you can do about it. Join us for a chat.

Dogs and Showers; A Tug of War

Perhaps the most challenging time you can ever have with your dog is taking him to the tub. It’s worse than controlling him when you’ve put food in his bowl. The experience is one like measuring wits with each other; may the strongest competitor win. He wants to jump out of the tub while you struggle to keep him nailed there. Goodness! It’s one heck of a job.

Well, the truth is that you cannot blame your canine friend. Right from the time of his birth, water is a no-go zone. Some dogs cannot stand water penetrating through their thick fur. But showers are suitable to ensure they remain healthy.

There are no general rules on how frequent you should bathe your dog. Experts say that bathing your dog once in three months is healthy for dogs. Also, washing your dog anytime they smell bad is not a bad idea. But they won’t enjoy the showering time until you do something about it.

Signs That Your Dog Hates Showers

You do not need to look for any distinctive signs from your dog to establish that he hates showers. The symptoms are written all over the dog’s face before and during bathing. However, we highlight some signs that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your dog hates showers.

Two actions will prove to you that your dog hates showers. Have you ever noticed that your dog runs away anytime you want to bathe him? Some dog owners also report that their dogs threaten to bite them when they put them in the tub. If you notice any of these two signs and the struggle you have in the tub, that’s proof enough.

Why Your Dog Hates Showers

One reason why your dog does not appreciate bath time is because of comfort issues. Have you ever taken your dog to the beach? Did he swim? Well, the fact is that dogs love comfort. Furthermore, they’d like to be in control when doing something. Your dog will be comfortable swimming by himself as opposed to you bathing him. In the tub, you control everything. Also, your dog can’t stand firm on the tub because of the slippery surface.

Another reason is an unfortunate experience. Just like us, dogs also have trauma. Can you reflect on a time when your dog slipped due to lack of balance, and the experience wasn’t relatable? Or maybe there was a time when you forgot to check the bathing water’s temperature. The water was too hot for your dog to bear. Dogs are not very good at forgetting, and whenever you plunge them in the tub, those fearful memories come back.

Is your dog a first-timer? There is a possibility that your dog could be having the bathing experience for the first time. If that is the case, you will have to excuse him since he can’t stand the commotion; You are using force on him, the noise produced from the water is freaking him out.

What You Can Do to Turn the Situation Around

The only solution to the whole dilemma is turning what appears terrible to your dog to be good. Well, how do you do that? Continue reading.

The first thing you need to do is make the water temperature bearable. Consider making it as comfortable as bathing a child; not too cold and not too hot.

Help your dog feel at home in the tub by placing a mat made of rubber inside the tub. That will help him stand without having to fall. Also, you can put treats for your dog above the tub. That way, you can reward your canine friend for being better. If you do that every day, sooner than later, your dog will no longer have fear.

Wrapping It Up

Showers are essential to the human family and the animal family, especially those in our homes. However, for some reason, some pets, like your dog, may not like showering time. While it is not a strange behavior, it is essential to note that your dog has his unspoken reason. So you should respect that and find out ways that can help your dog feel comfortable in the tub.

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