My Dog Hates Vinegar

Most dog owners use vinegar to eliminate the bad smell and even cleanse wounds. But they also confess that their dogs can’t just stand the smell of the liquid. Also, could it be that you apply the vinegar on his open wounds, which can irritate and cause more pain? It might be why they will quickly run and hide or become aggressive, depending on their personality. The overwhelming vinegar odor can even drive your dog away from their kennel if it is what you use to clean. Vets say that although vinegar is so effective, there are equally other effective bathing solutions that you could use in its stead. And if your dog hates and reacts to it so badly, you also can improvise or disguise the smell.

Vinegar Works Both Ways

It is not bad that your dog hates vinegar; you can now use it as a dog deterrent. Since your dog’s super-sensitive sense of smell cannot stand vinegar’s pungent odor, you can use it to keep your dog from causing trouble. Suppose yours is a canine that loves to chew on the furniture, tear the fluffy pillows apart, and cause other problems around the house. A natural and less harmful vinegar dose is the best way to keep them off entirely. You can use a few cotton balls, spreading them strategically around those areas you do not want your dog venturing, and that is it.

Vinegar Is Not Entirely Safe for Your Dog

Many owners use vinegar for bathing their dogs and even a few drops in their dog’s food. They claim it cleanses and heals any of those wounds the dog could be having. Vinegar can also neutralize those awful smells your dog could be producing. But experts say vinegar may not be altogether safe for your dog, and it might as well be okay that he hates it. For example, if he ingests it in concentrated quantities, he can begin to react to gastrointestinal problems. The truth couldn’t be far if yours is a smaller dog. These breed types have highly sensitive stomachs that can barely withstand the saturation of vinegar within their intestinal walls. Also, check if your dog has underlying conditions such as kidney or liver disease, which can react badly with a mild vinegar dose.

Why the Benefits of Vinegar Outweigh the Risks

Experts say not just any vinegar can be useful to your dog, except Apple Cider. In this case, you should look for the raw, unfiltered type. The great thing about this type is that it helps relieve your dog’s itchy skin, although you should also avoid sprinkling it into an open wound. Does your dog frequently suffer from yeast issues? You can drop a bit of it in their food. You can also prepare a few vinegar-filled cotton balls to cleanse their itchy ears. Besides the pet odor elimination, Apple Cider vinegar can also aid in reducing your animal’s blood sugar levels. The benefits are plenty, except that your pup cannot stand it. It is why to devise ways to incorporate the liquid into any of those cleaning or bathing situations.

How You Can Conceal the Vinegar Smell

The truth vinegar is one of the most natural, inexpensive, and effective means to clean your home, dog’s pen, and coat. That awful smell immediately fades with a little sprinkle. Sometimes you cannot do away with vinegar entirely other than to hide the smell. One of the ways you can effortlessly do this is to put a few drops of vinegar into your dog’s favorite shampoo. You can also disguise the smell with a few readily available essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, or even peppermint. You would want to perform a few tests to rule out any adverse reactions, though. You can also speak to your vet, who can advise on the best way to disguise the vinegar smell.

Finally, you may decide to go slow in using vinegar because of how your dog reacts to it. Yet, the formulation can be what you need to keep your home safe from a sneaky and destructive pup. The natural dog deterrent can keep your puppy from ravaging into that trash can or throwing urine on your carpet. All you need is to mix a cupful of it with an equal amount of water and spray to areas your pup should not go.

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