My Dog Hates Violence

While violence is terrible, in some cases, one might encourage it, especially in the animal kingdom. Why is this so? Violence translates to one’s ability to defend and protect himself from foes. Your child might run to you for defense but not your dog. You will typically expect him to stand for himself.

What if he doesn’t? You will not help but be worried about him. If he is not able to protect himself, what about you? Can he come to your rescue if faced with danger? You may not trust him to do this, hence more worries. Such behavior is not typical with dogs except for an exceptional few.

Your dog may number with these few. Even so, what may make him hate violence and turn away from conflict? It is also vital to determine how you can help him to redeem his confidence.

Why Your Dog Hates Violence

Individuals vary in their nature and disposition, same to dogs. You may encounter a dog that is outgoing while another is shy. This difference may not worry one much significantly if it does not interfere with the dog’s health.

One of the possible reasons for your dog to hate violence is fear. The cliché that once bitten twice shy may apply to him. Have you ever had an encounter that scared you to the core? I guess you would do everything in your power to avoid a repeat. Your dog might be going through the same.

He might have engaged in a fight that wounded him. After that experience, he may shun anything that replicates it. He will, therefore, choose to turn from any such scene.

Emotional abuse might also cause such hatred. To avoid trouble, he chooses to submit. The downside to this is that your dog might become a fear biter. It means that he will readily get defensive upon any slight provocation. This tendency might endanger the household members too. How then can you turn your dog from submission to confidence? Let’s find out how.

The Power in Socialization

Puppies socialize more readily than adult dogs. However, there are still ways of mingling with your adult canine. If you make it a habit to visit the park with him frequently, you will be on the path to victory. Typical of any playground, you will find several people and dogs. You will thus expose your dog to people hence taking away his fear for either people or other dogs.

During such times, you can let him run off to different parts of the park. He will soon cease to be nervous around people. As his confidence builds, he will learn to be a better judge of any form of aggression. He will know when it means violence or not. He will therefore overcome fear biting.

Training on Obedience

Who doesn’t love obedience? It attracts many people, and the reward that one receives is fulfillment and happiness. One common experience of submissive dogs is that they receive emotional or verbal abuse from people. Instead of working for good, it hurts them more, especially since this is also violent.

The result is that the dog might engage in fear bites or be in distress. To counteract this, you can invest in training your dog to be obedient. This measure will protect him from further abuse. Who in his right senses will abuse an obedient canine? Instead, many will treat him in a more friendly way.

Involvement in Sports

There’s something with sports that is very interesting. It helps one to conquer his fears and even be more outgoing. Animals also have their sporting events. It may be a dog race or any other sport. One advantage of such events is that it will give your canine a chance to interact with other dogs in a friendly manner.

Through such engagements, he will know that any advancement towards him is not related to violence. He will learn to face such circumstances more calmly, even as he gains more confidence.

Seeking Professional Help

As you desire to help your dog, the desire to use every available option is paramount. It would help if you, therefore, considered taking your dog to an animal behaviorist. He will assess your dog and help you understand your dog’s case deeply.

Moreover, he will also help you to know more details about your dog. Does it end here? No. he will help you find a lasting solution for your canine. Your dog might be going through so much, leaving him to face this situation alone is not an option.

He needs all the help he can get. Remember that if left to himself, he may not be a danger to you only, but to himself too. Violence is never the best option, but it may be necessary for defensive reasons in the canine world.