My Dog Hates Walking in the Rain

No one likes to get soaked in the rain, and your dog is not an exception. Rain can cause discomfort to your dog. Your pet might be hating rain because he is afraid of getting wet; he feels he might become messy. Maybe it is your fault why your dog doesn’t like walking in the rain, because you never introduced him to rain in the first place.

Is It Okay to Take Your Dog Out When It’s Raining?

It is okay; Most especially when the rain is not heavy. Heavy rain can make your dog feel sick, which will definitely make you worry a lot. Maybe starting exposing him to a light rain might be a great adventure to him.

How to Make Your Dog Enjoy Walking in the Rain

Would you love your dog to start loving walking in the rain? There are few tips you can use to help him get used to walking in the rain. Continue reading.

Be a Good Example to Your Dog

When it is raining outside, you can lead by showing your dog that walking in light rain isn’t harmful to his body; in fact, it is a fantastic adventure for the both of you. It creates a bonding time for both of you. Starting with that, your dog might as well want to join you in the rain. While you are walking in the rain, try to be still and strong for your dog, don’t let him realize that you can’t cope with walking in the rain.

Help Your Dog to Get Used to Water

Getting used to water is an implement that determines whether your dog likes walking in the rain or not. And in this case, he hates walking in the rain. The reason might be because he is used to being dry all the time. Make him wet at times, and you can do that by taking advantage of the rain outside.

Cover Yourselves Properly

Going out in the rain means you are ready to get wet. Getting wet might be one of the obvious reasons why your dog hates walking in the rain. If you want him to love walking in the rain, have your umbrella and your dog’s umbrella ready before you decide to take your dog out in the rain. You can as well decide to buy raincoats for the both of you. Having the right coverage will make this activity fun for both of you, as you won’t get extremely wet due to rain.

Dry Your Dog Off Right Away

The technique of drying off your dog immediately after walking in the rain is very important. It determines if your dog would wish to go back to the rain next time or not.  Try and dry yourself and your dog more often immediately after coming out from the rain. It will be a motivation factor for your dog, especially if he hates being wet most of the time.

Apply Positive Reinforcement

Congratulate your dog whenever he walks in the rain. Congratulating him will make him feel special, loved, and he would want to do it over again. You can applaud him by gifting him new things like an umbrella, boots, and raincoats to motivate him to walk in the rain next time. The activity is very crucial as it gives your dog another opportunity to do better things. Stay positive always as a dog parent.

Make It a Habit

Try and take your dog out in the rain anytime it is raining. By making it a habit, he will get used to it. It is a way of training your dog to love walking in the rain. And, don’t forget to accompany him whenever it is raining. It is worth sacrificing for your dog. A dog parent can do anything for his dog, so long as you cover yourself properly, plus your dog, you can do it more often.


Walking in the rain might be a good chance for your dog to get a bath. After working on the above things, you will realize that your dog will love walking in the rain; and even you won’t have to drag him out whenever it is raining. And again, take it slow on your dog. He will love it eventually.

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