My Dog Hates Wearing a Cone

Taking your dog to a vet after an injury or for surgery is stressful for dog owners. Unfortunately, the stress continues even after the procedure. In addition to the medicine and care instructions that the vet gives you, there is the Elizabethan collar or cone that your dog will have to wear. The cone helps keep him from licking or biting the wounded part. However, as much as this cone is necessary for your dog, it makes him uncomfortable. This is why you will realize that he hates putting it on and tries to eliminate it. Read on for more information on why your dog hates his cone and what you can do about it.

Why Does Your Dog Hate Wearing a Cone?

Without a cone, your dog is likely to ruin his injury or wound before it heals. Unfortunately, while you understand the importance of the cone on your dog, he does not know why you force him to wear it. The cone affects the dog’s ability to move as freely as he does without it. Additionally, because of its shape, the cone amplifies all sounds. Since the cone covers the dog’s face, it prevents the dog from detecting the direction from which the sound is coming from. This hinders him from reacting to the sound he heard since he cannot locate the direction it came from. The cone may also prevent the dog from eating or drinking as well as he does. For such reasons, it is no wonder that your dog hates having the cone on his neck.

How Do You Help Your Dog Adjust to Wearing the Cone?

Although your dog is uncomfortable when he has the cone on, eliminating it is not a solution. Instead, you need to help your canine friend adapt to his cone and reduce the discomfort. Some of the ways through which you can achieve this include:

Check Whether the Collar Is Well Fitted

If your collar is not fitting properly on your dog, it will make him super uncomfortable. This happens if the collar is too tight that it even chocks him. In this case, your dog is not only uncomfortable but may develop other problems even after removing the cone. Therefore, check to ensure that the collar is not too tight on his neck and adjust it to ensure that he is comfortable. However, ensure that the cone is secured around the neck so that the dog does not pull it off.

Clearway in Your House

When your dog has the cone, it gets caught on furniture and other obstacles around the house. Therefore, to make it easier for your dog when he has the cone, set up your house and create space for him. Clear the hallways and other places that your dog loves will make it easy for him to access when wearing the cone.

Get an Alternative

Your dog may hate the cone so much that he becomes violent when he has to wear it. In this case, it is advisable to get alternatives. These alternatives are meant to make the dog more comfortable without putting him at risk of ruining the unhealed wound. One of the alternatives that you can go for is a soft collar. This collar resembles the plastic cone that your dog had originally but is softer. The soft cone is ideal if your dog has soft or sensitive skin. Additionally, use the soft cone only on dogs who are unlikely to chew it when trying to get rid of it.

The other alternative that you can consider is an inflatable collar. This is a puffy and padded cone that resembles a neck pillow. It is more comfortable and increases mobility. However, it is an ideal option only for short-term use. This is because your dog may have access to the wounded after many attempts. This also means that the dog should constantly be under supervision when wearing this cone.

The other alternative to go for is a surgical recovery suit. This is a soft suit that covers the dog’s body and prevents him from licking the wounds. The surgical recovery suite is best if your dog has a wound that is likely to take longer to recover.


A dog cone is a much-needed item after your dog has surgery or when recovering from a wound. However, your dog may hate the cone since it makes him uncomfortable and limits him from doing a lot. If your dog hates his cone, consider possible alternatives such as those mentioned above since eliminating the cone will cause more harm than good.

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