My Dog Hates Wet Grass

You probably loved nothing as a child growing up than walking on wet grass right after the rain. And when mommy was not around, you would likely begin the fun when it was still raining. And when mommy found out, you would be in for some spanking if you are lucky. But if not, you would be in for some whipping. Those memories you will always relate to your grandchildren many years to come.

It’s not always the same with pets. Years back, when dogs and other pets had no rooms in the house, pets would enjoy their bit of fun. But ever since we began keeping pets and adopting them as little ones, some things have changed. There are some things that pets would do back then that they cannot do today. One of them is walking on wet grass or when it’s raining.

In this article, we are going to look at a situation where your dog hates wet grass. Now that can be okay for an hour or two. However, what if it’s a rainy season? That translates into a problem. We take you through the reasons why he hates wet grass and the possible solutions.

Is It Even Necessary?

Who would want to have their precious dog walk on wet grass and then come back to the house? Not you. And definitely, not any dog owner. Dogs like it when they are out more than indoors. There, they can exercise their hunt drives when they spot any unfortunate bird or squirrel. So that means when they get out there, they will get themselves dirty. So when they come back in, you’ll have to do some washing.

However, even though we wouldn’t like it when the dog goes out in wet weather, it’s necessary at some point. That is because, during the day, your dog is active. He needs to poop and pee. The problem is that he will often pee on your custom-made carpet if he doesn’t go out. That is because, in cold weather, there isn’t a lot of sweating going on in their paws. So his body has to find a way of passing the waste; through peeing.

Two Reasons Why Your Dog Hates Wet Grass

Did you know that dogs have likes and dislikes like us? Well, you probably know that if you play an active role. You’ll know they like something based on how they respond to it. Like us, they also have their reasons; they cannot express them in words or writing.

Fortunately for you, experts on animal behavior have a field day with such subjects. We highlight some reasons in the paragraphs that follow. Continue reading.

You did not expose him to wet grass when growing up. Dogs naturally become anxious when you try making them do something new. It’s more like your first ride on a roller coaster. We bet you almost swallowed your tongue.

How do you react when your dog walks on wet surfaces? That is very important. A dog is a brilliant student. When you scold or yell at him, he joins the dots; He develops the mentality that walking on wet grass is not good. You will have to help him unlearn that lesson first.

Two Tips to Help You Convince Your Dog Otherwise

Since your dog is not making any effort to get out on wet grass, you have to do something about it. And that entails helping your dog think differently. Based on the causes, we have only one culprit; sadly, that is you. Below are some tips that will make your dog rethink.

It would be best if you start by building a relationship between your dog and water. What do we mean? We are talking about taking your dog out more in wet weather. That will make your dog a little more comfortable.

Also, you can try feeding your dog in his nightmare? Yes, you can try that one too. Experts recommend that placing your canine’s treat on wet grass can work. However, remember to put enough treats that will keep him there longer.

Let a Professional Do the Job

There is lots of information on the internet on how to train your furry friend. The training also touches on this subject. However, You’ll agree that some things are better said than done. Teaching an old dog new tricks is a professional’s job.

So if you are not getting anywhere with your efforts, you should let a dog trainer do the job. That will give you some peace of mind. Otherwise, we can’t do everything, can we?

Let’s Wrap It Up

Some dogs aren’t the type that enjoys wet grass. And we cannot always blame their cowardice. We also have a role in their limitations. That is why if your dog hates wet grass, you should work on ways to desensitize him. When your efforts prove fruitless, always seek the help of a professional. We wish you luck.

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