My Dog Hates When I Blow on Her

Blowing on somebody’s face makes them feel nice and in a playful mood. However, when it comes to dogs, blowing on their faces is a recipe for danger. She may go crazy and even start yapping or growling because you blew on her face. If you notice such reactions with your dog, worry not since this is not a behavior unique only to her. Dogs hate when somebody blows on them, and this can suddenly change their mood. Since dogs cannot talk, it is hard to know exactly why they hate it so much when somebody blows on them. However, research has helped come up with several reasons why dogs hate blowing. Here are some of the reasons why your dog changes her attitude when you blow on her.

It Feels Uncomfortable

For you to blow on your dog, especially on her face, you draw your face close to hers. However, dogs feel uncomfortable when there is a face so close to them. Additionally, she will feel uncomfortable in case of direct eye contact. Therefore, when you draw your face close to your dog, she gets uncomfortable, and the discomfort exceeds when you blow on her. This is why you will notice that she changes her mood whenever you blow because she is uncomfortable. She may also start licking her lips and looking away, which are signs of discomfort.

They Have the Wrong Interpretation

When you blow on your dog, you mean well and do not intend to harm her. Unfortunately, dogs wrongly interpret some of the actions that people do, blowing being one of them. As a result, when you blow on her, she may interpret that you intend to attack her, which makes her aggressive. At other times, she may bark and move away or even try to attack you since she feels that she is in danger.

Blowing Is a Way of Ascertaining Dominance in Dogs

If two dogs that are strangers come close to each other and are about to get into a fight, they start by staring and breathing heavily. This happens until one of them gives up and leaves. In case one does not leave, it ends up in a fight. When you blow on your dog, it makes her feel like you are trying to ascertain your dominance like other dogs. For this reason, she will fight back as a way to show you that she is the boss.

You Shock and Surprise Her

Dog senses are way more advanced than human senses. The impact that a surprise blow has on you affects the dog many more times since her senses are more alert. Additionally, your dog trusts that she can only get the best from you. This includes things like a pat on the head or giving her a treat. For this reason, when she gets something that she hates from you, such as a blow, this shocks and annoys her a lot.

She May Be Put off by Your Breath

Your dog’s sense of smell is one of her supernatural powers. Her sense of smell is 10,000 times more accurate than yours. For this reason, when you have even the slightest bad smell in your breath, your dog will smell it. Additionally, your breath may have a scent of something dogs hate, such as alcohol, vinegar, or citrus, among others. If you blow on your dog and these are the scents that hit her face, she will hate it a lot.

Does Blowing on Your Dog Hurt Her?

Generally, blowing on your dog does not hurt her. However, blowing has a huge impact on her sense of sight, hearing, and smell. This is why she gets uncomfortable and even aggressive when you blow on her. The high blast of scent becomes overwhelming on your canine friend.

Why Does She Like Having Her Head Out of the Car Window?

Given how much dogs hate being blown on, you do not expect them to love sticking their heads out of car windows. It may hurt you to see that your dog hates when you blow on her, but she can withstand the strong wind when the car is driving. However, the car wind is way different from the wind you blow on her. When her head is outside the car window, she enjoys innumerable attractive scents, which is different from when you blow on her.


Being a pet parent means learning something new about your pet almost every day. One of the things you will learn about your dog is that she gets uncomfortable when you blow on her. Therefore, avoid blowing your dog since this may make her so aggressive that she ends up biting you.

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