My Dog Hates When I Chew Gum

There are things your dog loves while others he can’t withstand. At the same time, there are some habits your puppy can’t let go of and behavior he hates or fears. If your pup hates when you chew gum, there must be an underlying reason why he does that. This may be a strange occurrence, but dogs are intelligent creatures who know how to master things. Your puppy can’t just hate it when you chew out of the blues; there must be a trigger. Can you think of any reason why he hates it when you chew? What can you do to stop the behavior? To understand all these, read this informative article.

The Sound That Pops Out of the Chewing Gum

Your pup may be afraid of the popping sound that comes from the chewing gum. If you like chewing while popping the gum, it might scare him as he thinks it’s dangerous.  You might be asking yourself if the noise from popping gum is enough to scare him. Your puppy’s hearing capability is thrice that of a human being, so to him, the noise is loud enough to scare him. Because of this fear of the popping sound, your furry friend will hate it when you chew gum, especially if you do it loudly.

Your Dog Had a Nasty Experience with You While Chewing

Another reason why your dog might hate it when you’re chewing gum is because of previous nasty experience. For example, you might have unknowingly hit or scolded him when you’re chewing. So, he’ll link the beating with what you were doing, which is chewing gum. Your hound, in this case, feels that whenever you’re chewing, you’ll repeat the act. And since your dog can’t talk, the only way he can communicate to you is by hating what you’re doing. 

Could It Be the Smell of the Chewing Gum?

Most puppies don’t like a particular smell, and at times they can’t stand them. If your pup falls in this category, then this might be the reason why he hates it when you’re chewing gum. Chewing gums comes in different flavors and tastes. So, if you’re chewing one with a smell, your canine doesn’t, as he’ll hate it. For example, chewing gum with mint flavor has a strong smell that your puppy doesn’t like. If the one you’ve is of mint flavor, your hound won’t like it. Another smell from the chewing gum your pup can’t withstand is that of orange. So, if the chewing gum is an orange flavor, your dog will hate it too.

When You’re Chewing, You Give Your Puppy Less Attention?

Your canine loves it when you give him full attention. However, you may fail to provide him with attention when he requires it most. To deny your puppy attention, it could be, you’re busy with something else or just tired. It could be that whenever your puppy requires attention, but you’re busy, you’ll also be chewing. And since he can’t fathom that you’re either reading or working, he’ll assume you’re ignoring him because of what is in your mouth. The act will make your dog hate it when you chew. The hate can even be worse if your puppy is the type that requires much attention.

Your Dog Thinks That Chewing Gum Could Hurt Him

Apart from your puppy fearing noise, he also fears danger. If he thinks the chewing gum is dangerous and can harm him, he’ll hate it when you chew. This mostly applies when his obedience training included chewing gum as things he shouldn’t eat. As caring as your puppy may seem, he might also feel that you’ll also be in danger if you chew the gum. In this manner, he’ll hate it when you’re chewing gum. 

How to Make Your Dog Comfortable While You’re Chewing Gum?

You can change your puppy’s attitude towards chewing gum by not chewing loudly and avoid popping it up. Give your hound maximum attention if you can. Also, avoid doing something harmful to him while chewing gum.


Please don’t underestimate your puppy’s intelligence as he can understand almost everything, although he can’t talk. You can decide to chew gum away from him or change what makes him hate the act. Remember to pay close attention to understand what your dog tries to communicate to you through non-verbal cues.

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