My Dog Hates When I Cover My Face

Families have various ways of showing each other love, affection, and the feeling of appreciation. To a more considerable extent, it makes the members of that particular family have a sense of belonging. Now, this is no exception, even when it comes to pets. Dogs, for example, are primarily treated as part and parcel of families. When family members kiss and hug, dogs also feel, and most times, they are seen as trying to imitate what the people are doing.

How Should You Establish Friendship With Your Dog?

Dogs tend to be very sensitive. For example, when you bring home a new dog or puppy, the dog won’t be all over you at once. It takes some time, and this calls for patience. Well, he will first sniff at you, and if he falls in love with your smell, he will keep rubbing his head and sometimes the entire body against you. He does as a sign of invitation to friendship. Slowly you become best of friends, and he feels very much comfortable around you. That, however, may not be enough. He may want to go a step further by establishing ownership, which he does by nuzzling you.

Now, as funny as they may be at times, your dog will want to mark you as his, and his alone. The scent gland in their faces will help him achieve this. Your dog will nudge with his head as a sign of marking you with his scent. And by this, he communicates to other dogs that you belong to him and that he should not see any other dog near you. As a dog owner, know that your response to all of his nuzzling and nudging is essential since if he doesn’t feel you, he might take it that he is not welcomed.

Why Does Your Dog Hate When You Cover Your Face?

While he may be doing all the nuzzling and enjoying your company, know that there are certain things that your dog hates with a passion. And when you do them, he may exhibit a negative response towards them. Among them is covering your face. It may mean a cold reception and that you aren’t ready to have him around at all. Besides that, he may also take it as a threatening act. So before you even think of covering your face, which you may be doing thinking you’re playing with him, take your time to learn him. Now, below are some things he wishes you knew and that you would put into consideration.

Seeing Through His eyes

Your dog wishes that you would see things from his point of view. Often, when you bring home a new dog, he wants to establish a friendship with you first. It will also help build his confidence in you and everyone around him. You can bring him close by patting him and nuzzling him, among others that you get to learn as time goes by, and not by covering your face.

Moving Closer to His Face

Dogs do not like it when you move your hands too close to their face or when you stand over them, which they perceive as very threatening behavior. This way, your dog may set off a violent act, such as barking or most probably trying to jump on you. And just so you may know, he could be doing this as a result of self-defense.

They Also Can Be Hurt

While you think that this only happens to humans, as a dog parent, know that your dog has feelings and can also be hurt. As stated earlier, covering your face may make your dog feel unwelcome and threatened, hence uncomfortable. Your dog may not tell you he is hurt, but there are signs he may begin to show, and that will tell you he is not feeling okay.


As said in the beginning, dogs are sensitive creatures. Since they cannot talk to you directly as humans, be sure to notice when they display their displeasure through some particular body language; when you notice such signs, you can embark on steps to win them back and gain confidence in them once again. Above all, if you notice some things beyond your control, it would be a good idea to see a vet.

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