6 Tips if Your Dog Hates When You Cry

It is not something rare for a dog owner to say that he was able to experience his dog acting differently while he was crying. In some cases, dogs actually try to comfort their owners when they are crying.

Meanwhile, there are some dogs that act in an odd way. This could due to how your crying makes them feel distressed. Simply put, some dogs really do hate it when you are crying.

There are studies that actually suggest that dogs have the empathy level of a two-year-old. What that means is that dogs may be able to know and feel it whenever you are sad. Of course, this also goes back to how humans and dogs have been living together for about 15,000 years.

The bond that we share with dogs has allowed them to detect our sadness. In turn, they will also sometimes feel what we feel and hate it whenever we are crying.

All things considered, here are things you might want to do if your dog hates it whenever you are crying:

Allow it to comfort you

As mentioned, studies have actually shown that dogs show empathy towards their crying owners. Sadness is something that they can actually detect well enough for them to know that you are sad.

If you have a dog that is affectionate enough, he might do something that he thinks will comfort you. This can include snuggling with you or giving you something it thinks will cheer you up.

When your dog is doing whatever it can when you are crying, allow him. He just simply hates it that you are crying and is doing what he can so that you would stop.

The good thing here is that it will also allow you to actually distract yourself from what’s making you cry. Snuggling with your dog can also make you feel like you are comforted during a time of sadness.

Distract your dog

If there are times when you cannot help but cry and you know your dog will hate it, distract him. Try to give him something that will take his attention away from you so that you can cry in peace.

There are some dogs that will act weirdly whenever they see their owners cry. Such acts can include excessive barking or even a bit of aggression. If that is the case, then you might want to divert your dog’s attention away from you.

Try giving your dog a toy whenever you are sad so that he won’t notice that you are crying. Something as simple as this will allow you to let your emotions out without having to worry about your dog bothering you.

Play with your dog

A good way for you to actually feel good while distracting your dog while you are crying is to play with him. Again, dogs can feel empathy towards humans who are sad.

They will want to comfort you at times or will act differently whenever you are sad. As such, doing something as simple as playing will distract the dog. In turn, you will also be diverting your own emotions by playing with your dog.

Playing is a good way to let some steam off or to forget whatever is troubling you. In a way, you will also be helping your dog feel better as well if it is sad because you are sad. It is actually a two-way activity that will help you and your dog feel better about the situation.

Comfort your dog

As mentioned over and over again, dogs can feel it when you are sad. They can actually feel empathy similar to how a two-year-old does. Think of it this way. If you happen to experience working in a child nursery before, you will notice that all of the children cry whenever one child cries.

However, none of the other children know why they are crying. For them, crying is simply an unexplainable response to the cries of the first child. In such a case, empathy becomes something of a reflex reaction to them.

The child will feel sad simply because his friend is also sad. He does not even need to understand why his fellow child is sad for him to also feel sad.

In a way, dogs are similar. Whenever you are crying, a dog can also feel sad. But this is not because he understands your pain and your sadness.

It is only simply because you are sad that he is sad. That is what it means to have empathy for dogs. As such, whenever you are sad, your dog will also feel sad or even sadder. That is why there are some dogs who hate it whenever you are crying.

So, if you happen to notice that your dog is acting weirdly whenever you are crying, comfort him. Do something that will make him feel better because he does not even understand why he is sad.

Make your dog feel like he should not be worrying about anything.

Give your dog a treat

There will be some cases when your dog just simply runs away whenever you are crying. He hates seeing you cry because he does not understand what is happening at all.

Your dog might run away or feel agitated because he cannot process what you are doing. After all, dogs do not cry in the same way that we do. They do not understand what we are doing and it may be scaring or even threatening them.

To make it seem like your crying is not a threat to him, give your dog a treat. Make your furry friend realize that your crying is not something scary or threatening.

Dogs are animals of habit. They will begin to understand that there is no reason to feel threatened if you give it a reason to trust you. Something as simple as a treat might do the trick.

Cry in isolation

There is no better way for us to put it. If your dog really hates it when you are crying, then try to cry in isolation. Keep yourself locked in your room and away from your dog if you are crying.

This will prevent the dog from detecting your sadness and will not react to it. In some cases, dogs really do feel stressed whenever they hate it when you are crying. So the best way for you to avoid such a situation is to try to cry in isolation and away from your dog.

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