My Dog Hates When I Cut His Nails

Nail cutting is an essential part of pet grooming. It does not just make your dog neat. It also prevents the pet from hurting when he scratches his body. Short nails also make the dog safe to play with you. The high chances that it will scratch you during play are low. 

However, some pets don’t like nail trimming. If you have a dog with this habit, you need to learn more about nail cutting and dogs here. Find out why your dog hates it when you cut his nails. What you should do in case your dog resists nail trimming, and much more.

Why Your Dog Hates When You Cut His Nails

The reason why your dog hates it when you cut his nails is pain. Like humans, dogs are also sensitive to pain. Cutting nails too close can make him feel pain. So, if at some point, your dog experienced pain during nail cutting activity, he still remembers this. That could be the reason why he is resisting.

Pain naturally provides protection to both humans and animals. So, if something hurts a dog, he will try to avoid it. The chances of resisting and fighting back are high. So, maybe this is what is happening with your dog. He is trying to avoid unforeseen pain associated with nail trimming.

Things That Make the Dog Stress Out During Nail Cutting

There are things that can make your dog dislike nail cutting. Some of these things include touching the paws and restraining. Some dogs may also not like the sound of clippers. They find this irritating. So, if your dog is part of this group, there are high chances of him resisting the cutting.

Another thing that can make your dog stress out is the feeling he experiences when the clippers cut his nails. Dogs also don’t like quick nail clipping. Being gentle and slow when doing it can make the dog like the cutting.

What to Do if Your Dog Hates Nail Cutting

Grooming your pet is essential, and that includes cutting nails. Though your dog may not like it, you have to find a way of calming him down so that you can cut the nails. So, if your dog becomes aggressive or feels uncomfortable when you want to cut his nails, you should sedate him. Doing this will make him calm, and he will be less resistant.

How to Calm Your Dog Down Ready for Nail Cutting

If your dog doesn’t like nail trimming, he will become aggressive if you try to cut them. So, it would help if you first calmed him using a sedative. You can use lavender oil to calm him down. The scent is effective and capable of making him settle down. Rub the oil on his back and around the neck. Give the oil time to work before you begin to cut.

Another thing you can use to calm your dog is valerian and chamomile. The two are natural sedative herbs and are present in most calming supplements.  Most plug-in diffusers and sprays contain these synthetic compounds known to calm what experts call canine pheromones. Also, in case you reside in a country where CBD products are legal, you can get some for your dog. They are useful sedatives and can help calm your dog down.

Other dog experts recommend the use of Benadryl to calm your dog. These are human products available over the counter in many local vitamin stores. The recommended dose is giving your dog 2 mg Benadryl for adults per 1kg of your dog’s body weight.

Something Else That Can Make Nail Cutting Easier

If you want your dog to love nail trimming, you should first make him become comfortable and confident. So, how do you do this? You should make nail trimming a frequent event and be extra careful not to inflict any kind of pain. It helps the dog to become used to nail trimming and also builds confidence. 


Generally, it would be best if you observed your dog. Learn what is it that he doesn’t like about nail cutting? Is it touching the paws, the clipper sound, or bringing Dremel towards him? Understanding this will help you split down the behavior and find the best way to help your dog overcome his fears.

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