My Dog Hates When I Dance

Some of the things that dogs love and hate are weird. After all, their way of thinking completely differs from humans’ way of thinking. With this in mind, it should not come as a surprise if you realize that your dog hates when you dance. This is regardless of whether or not you intended him to see you dancing. Realizing that your dog hates to see you dancing should not worry you since this is not specific to him. Other dog owners have a similar complaint that their dogs hate to see them dance or do other body activities like yoga or making out. Below are some of the reasons why your dog will hate to see you dancing and what you can do about it.

Why Does Your Dog Hate When You Dance?

Dogs do not interpret dancing as humans do. For you, dancing is a way to enjoy yourself or keep you from being bored as you do other chores such as cleaning. However, in the case of dogs, dancing may be a bit complicated. On the one hand, dancing triggers the dog to do more investigation. This is why he may start barking to find out more about the unfamiliar activity you are doing. He will also bark, trying to see whether there is something for him to do.

On the other hand, some of the actions that you do when dancing mean something to dogs. For instance, there is a way that you can nod your head or raise your hands and make the dog interpret that you are inviting him to play. For this reason, he will move close to you in a playful mood. This is why he may start jumping on you or try grabbing your hands since he expects you to play. In case you fail to respond in the way that he expects you to, he gets disappointed and annoyed.

What Are Other Activities That Your Dog Hates?

Like people, different dogs have different likes and dislikes. However, there are some actions that almost all dogs hate. Unfortunately, you may do such actions to your dog or near him, thinking that he likes them. Some of these actions, in addition to dancing, include:


Sure, those photos of people hugging dogs are always cute. However, more often than not, dogs are tolerating these hugs. Additionally, dogs only tolerate hugs from people they trust. This is because dogs perceive hugs as a threat or attempted attack. Therefore, you should refrain from hugging your dog because he hates it. You can notice signs such as licking his lips, yawning, leaning away, and averting his eyes, which shows that he is uncomfortable when you hug him.


Yelling makes one annoyed and frustrated, and dogs are of no exemption. Although the dog may not understand the words you say, he senses your mood and emotions when yelling. Yelling at your dog no matter what he has done does not help instill discipline. Instead, it may ruin your relationship with him since dogs hate the annoying voice you have when yelling at him.

Dressing Him UpĀ 

As much as your dog may look cute in a particular outfit or costume, he may feel super uncomfortable in it. Therefore, get to know whether your dog loves the outfit before you force him to wear it. Start with simple clothes like shirts and see how they handle them. However, avoid covering their head or feet because they will not love. If your dog looks uncomfortable in the outfit, avoid dressing him in it no matter how good you think he looks.

Strong Scents

Dogs enjoy smelling different types of odors and scents. However, if the smell is too strong, either from chemicals or fragrances, it irritates him. Therefore, avoid cleaning your dog or spraying him with strongly scented products, as this will annoy and irritate him. When using products such as perfumes with strong scents on your body, do so away from your dog.

Should You Always Dance Away from Your Dog?

As mentioned above, dogs do not love when you dance. This also happens because dogs do not dance, meaning that they cannot join you in what you are doing. Therefore, avoid dancing when your dog is around to avoid some of the things he may do when annoyed.


As a dog owner, most of the things you do around your dog are healthy for him or keeping him excited. Unfortunately, your dog may fail to appreciate some of these actions, such as dancing, no matter your good-intentions. If your dog hates when you dance, dance when he is not around to avoid provoking him.

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