My Dog Hates When I Play Video Games

There are things dogs love, fear, or hate, and each has got its cause. If your puppy hates it when you’re playing video games, then he has his reasons. Find a solution to what makes him hate it when you’re playing video games so that both of you are happy. But remember, your dog can’t talk, so how will you know the reason he hates it when you’re playing video games? To understand this puzzle, read this informative article. You’ll learn why he hates it when you’re playing video games and what you can do in this case.

You Hardly Give Your Puppy Attention While on the Game

It could be that whenever you’re playing video games, you never pay attention to your hound, making him hate it. Dogs naturally love attention and can do anything to get it, like pawing you or barking. As you know, video games need full concentration, so when you’re at it, you’ll have no time for your furry friend. In the process, your hound will remain lonely and in distress. If you play video games regularly, it means boredom will be part and parcel of your puppy’s life. Lack of attention and interactions with your pup when on the game will brood hatred toward it. He will not love the video game as it’s making you not concentrate on him.

The Noise While You’re Playing Video Games 

If you’re playing video games, the probability of making noise is high, especially when it becomes sweeter. The video game also includes sounds that may scare your hound. And suppose you’re playing a group’s video games; you’ll be making noise whenever your opponents win or lose. This might be a thrill and enjoyment, but to your puppy, the noise will be scaring him. With noise anxiety, your puppy will not love the video games as they scare the hell out of him, making him uncomfortable. So, he’ll, in the long run, hate it whenever you’re playing video games. 

You Might Be Denying Your Canine a Chance to Play

Video games nowadays are not only for human beings. Even your dog can play video games to kill boredom and reduce stress. There are video games that allow your pup to catch virtual fish that he may be playing using the same gadgets you use. So, if you’re playing video games, it means he’ll have to sit aside and allow you to play. Since video games are addictive, your dog may never get a chance to play if you start playing. Lack of opportunity to play can make your puppy hate it whenever you’re playing video games. 

Could It Be the Gesture You Make as You Play?

Whenever you’re playing video games, you’ll make different non-verbal cues that might confuse your pup. Remember, the game involves emotions, so you might throw your hands up in the air in disappointment. But your dog might misinterpret it to something else, which you didn’t mean. For example, you might be pointing at something on the screen, but your hound may confuse it with being a threat.  The misinterpretation will make your pooch hate it when you’re playing video games because he knows that’s the time; he’s in danger. He feels that when you’re playing video games, that’s when he’s in trouble, as you frequently use gestures at that time.

Ways to Change Your Dog’s Attitude

Your furry friend hating it when you’re playing video games has its root cause. Find the root cause, then look for ways to stop this attitude. If it’s because of lack of attention, ensure you spare some of your time to enjoy each other’s company. Don’t be too much a gamer that you even forget giving your hound food. The video game’s noise is also something you can control, reduce the gadget’s volume, and avoid shouting as you play. 

Another way to make your puppy stop hating it when you play is to allow him to play too if he also has his video games. You can have a time frame for both of you so that you don’t offend each other. If not, buy him his screen for the games. But don’t forget the gestures too; avoid them.


Given that attitude is something you can change, work on how to coexist with your puppy so that you’re able to play in peace. Understand his reasons since he can be aggressive if you are playing against his will. Give your puppy maximum attention too.

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