My Dog Hates When I Take off His Collar

Putting and removing a collar around your pup’s neck may seem a simple activity. However, do you know that as easy as it may seem, your dog can make it a real hassle? Some pups, for various reasons, hate it when you remove the collar from their neck. If you are experiencing this with your furry friend, maybe it is time to find out why? Read this entire article for tips.

Can Dogs Hate When You Take off Their Collar?

Whether your dog will love, or hate when you take his collar off, will depend on the connection he has with the collar. If he wears it all the time, he will feel disconnected when you remove it. In other words, if a dog is used to a collar, he will feel bad when you remove it. Also, if a dog associates the collar with something exciting, he will resist when you try to remove it.

Why Your Dog Hates When You Take His Collar Off

There are two reasons why a pet might hate it when you take off the collar. First, maybe he always experiences pain whenever you remove it. Note that dogs are good at remembering things that make them feel pain, even if it is a one-time thing. So, whenever you repeat the same activity, he will relate this to discomfort. So, it is possible that your pup usually feels uncomfortable when you remove the collar. That is maybe why he hates it when you take the collar off.

The second reason could be behavioral. He may have learned to associate the collar with therapeutic experiences such as going out for a walk. Most pet owners like using a leash whenever they take their pups for a walk. And to use a leash, the dog must have his collar on. After a walk, you will have to remove them from his neck. 

You may not have realized this but for a dog, removing the collar means it is the end of the walk, something he may not like. So, the high chances of him resisting when you remove the collar are high because he doesn’t want the activity to end. 

Signs That Your Dog Hates Taking off the Collar

If a dog does not like it when you remove his collar, he will exhibit some behaviors. First, he may try to bite you when you reach his neck to grab the collar. Sometimes he will pull away when you move your hand near his neck. Some a bit of whining when you touch the collar is also a sign that he doesn’t want you to remove it.

What You Should Do When Your Dog Hates Taking of His Collar

You can start by checking the collar. Tight collars can cause friction around your dog’s neck when you put it on or take it off. It is something that can cause pain to your dog. So, always ensure that the collar you are putting around your pup’s neck fits well and makes him feel comfortable.

Another thing to do is to use tricks when removing the collar. Do not be in a hurry to remove the collar. You first need to prepare your dog psychologically. Pat him on the head, gently rub his neck, and ask him to calm down. You can then proceed to remove the collar.

Important Point to Consider

Generally, dogs like it when you pay attention and take care of them. Things like patting and talking to them make pups happy. However, if you do anything that emotionally or physically hurts your canine, it can make him develop hatred. 

So, it is crucial to ensure that you don’t hurt him in any way. Dogs become cooperative when they know that you care about their feelings and you pay attention to them. If you take good care of your pet, rest assured that he will always cooperate. 


Simple things such as taking off your dog’s collar should not be a hassle for you. If your dog is resisting, maybe you should find out why. Explore all possible reasons until you are sure that your dog is comfortable with collar removal. If you find it hard to figure it out on your own, some tips from a dog expert can help.

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