My Dog Hates When I Touch His Paws

Dogs generally like it when you pet or cuddle them. However, do you know that there are some areas you can’t touch? For example, some pups may not allow you to touch their paws. If your dog has this behavior, maybe it’s time to find out why? Also, learn about how to handle the situation by reading this article.

Why Some Dogs Hate It When You Touch Their Paws

Lack of exposure to paw touching could be the reason why your dog is resisting. Note that dogs familiarize themselves with certain things through experience. So, if you have been touching your pup and ignoring the paws, this could explain the behavior.

Instinctual reaction among dogs is quite common. For instance, if a pup happens to experience a paw injury, he will become more protective. Note that things like this can make a dog become more sensitive. Interestingly, one incident is enough to make the dog behave that way. So, your pup may be relating the touching with past pain. That could be the reason why he is resisting.

The type of dog can also explain the behavior. Note that some breeds usually develop skin conditions and allergies that make their paws more sensitive. So, this may be the reason why this area is a no go zone. You may not know what is happening with your pup because this condition develops gradually.

Signs That Your Dog Hates It When You Touch His Paws

When a dog doesn’t like it when you touch his paws, he will show some behaviors. So, how do you tell that your pup’s paws are off-limit? He will begin to whine and growl at you. On some occasions, he may take off. Another sign is trying to bite you when you reach out to touch his paws.

What Happens if You Don’t Manage the Problem?

There are high chances of touching the paws during nail trimming. So, if your dog hates it when you touch this area, you will have a hard time grooming his nails. You may want to take him to a vet or pet groomer to do the cutting for you. However, note that it is an additional cost that may strain your already tight budget.

Another thing, it may lead to biting injuries. If the furry friend hates paw touching, he will try to protect himself. He may fight back with bites as a warning that you shouldn’t touch his paws.  If you have children in your house, this can make the situation even worse. Note that children like playing with dogs. However, they may not be aware of where to touch the pup and where not to. So, these are the people who are highly vulnerable to dog bites if you don’t take precautions.

Tips on How You Can Handle the Situation

First, you should begin touching your pup’s paws at an early age. Timely desensitization decreases anxiety-related to feet and paw touching. So, when cuddling or petting your pup, ensure that your hands touch those paws more often.

In the case of an old dog, you should start by building trust. Find out what your pup likes. Is it scratching, massaging, or rubbing? Begin by reaching out to other areas of the body. You can touch the paws after you are sure that the dog completely trusts you.

Something Else You Need to Consider

Extremely cold or warm temperatures make the pup’s paws vulnerable to injuries. Also, dogs often get cuts and develop sores in this area. These are enough reasons for your canine friend not to let you touch his paws. So, always ensure that you check if your dog has any cuts or foreign objects between his toes or paws. He might be in pain, and that is why he is not letting you touch this area.


It is wrong to touch your pup’s paws only when you want to trim his nails. This act is traumatic to canines and can cause them to react accordingly. So, the best thing is to ensure that you train your pup from an early age to allow you to be touching his paws. He will get used to this as he grows older, and even things like trimming his nails will not be a hassle for you.

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