My Dog Hates When I’m on My Phone

A puppy or even an older dog wants its owner’s attention a lot. They love you but there are times when you need your own alone time. We are going to go over when you are on the phone. When you are on the phone might be the time your lovable fur baby bothers you for attention. Here are some tips to help you out.

Start with obedience training

Obedience training is where to start with your puppy or even a dog that is a bit older. The first part of the training is to teach the basics. The basics are the sit and stay command. The one that you will want to use here is the “quiet” command.

The incorporation of the quiet command and the “leave it” command will help if the dog barks and bites you. The “down” command can be incorporated as well. The down command is getting the dog to lay all the way down on their belly.

When a dog does the command it is actually a submissive posture make sure you are praising for doing it. Make sure you pick one and be consistent with it.

Use the time out method

The next strategy is to use the time out method. In the scenario you can use your home phone to call your cell phone. You will answer and pretend to be speaking to someone. If the dog starts to bark and nip say “ouch” and walk away.

It is very important to not interact with the dog, ignore it. If the dog stops the unwanted behavior praise and gives them a treat. If the approach does not work lead the dog to a dog-proof area and give them a time out.

Leave them for approximately thirty seconds and take them out of the room. If the training is done in a consistent manner they learn barking gets them in trouble.

Try the soda can trick!

Startling a dog can help with unwanted behavior when you are on the phone. Take an empty soda can and fill it with coins. Tape the top hole shut with duct tape. Place the can beside the telephone or where you leave your cellphone. When the phone rings and your dog barks drop the can in front of them.

The noise and seeing the can come out of nowhere will startle them. If you are consistent the dog will associate the unwanted noise and startle with the phone ringing. It will lead to the dog not barking to avoid the unwanted noise or startle.

Take your dog outside for walks!

Ensure you are giving your furry friend enough exercise. Take him/her on a vigorous walk. Make time for high energy playtime with toys or a ball. What we are wanting is to get rid of some of the energy the dog has.

Make sure there are plenty of toys for the dog to occupy his/her time with. A Kong toy with treats or peanut butter inside is a great distraction for a dog.

Dogs are emotionally intelligent

Our canine friends actually do sense our emotions. A practice that can be done is call your phone from another phone and ignore it. If we show our dog that the ringing is nothing to get excited about they will remain calm as well.

The dog over time will start understanding the phone ring is no big deal. The most important part of training is consistency.

Think about the commands

Using a positive interrupter command. The word “no” is one word in the vocabulary of a dog owner. A positive interrupter command is not done in anger or a threatening manner. It is a word that you use consistently but cheerfully to let your fur baby know the behavior is unwanted.

The word no is harder to use simply because we have become accustomed to using it in the negative.

Choose a word that you can use and using the word redirect the behavior. It will need to be done consistently so the dog understands the communication. A clicker is a piece of equipment that can be useful here.

Be careful about volume

The other situation may be that the sound or ringer is too high. A dog’s hearing is way more astute than ours. Try turning down the volume of the ringer to see if that helps. The type of sound could be setting the dog up for failure too. Go through the different ring tones to see how your dog reacts.

These are a few tips to use you can always improvise on them. When going into training consistency is key. A dog is highly intelligent and has emotions just as we do.

The key is always to understand where behavior is coming from. A dog’s behavior centers around how they are feeling as well as how you are feeling. An animal should never feel the pain to correct a behavior. The most common commands such as sit and stay can be incorporated upon.

Time out works for dogs!

The act of putting your dog in time out actually works because they want to be with us. The wrong behavior keeps them from what they love best and that is us. A dog like us understands clear communication, so we need to be clear with what we expect.

We want to reinforce good behavior while communicating that there is a consequence for bad behavior. In some cases seeking out a professional trainer or taking your pup to school helps.

There are many reputable training facilities that can help instruct you and your furry best friend. The fact is that dogs want our attention whether it is good or bad. It is up to us to train the dog what behaviors we want and do not want.

You are not a bad person if your dog is displaying these types of behaviors. It will take consistency, discipline, and reward that go hand and hand to correct certain behaviors. Above all understand that a dog loves you and wants to please you at the end of the day.

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