My Dog Hates Yelling

Has anyone yelled at you lately? Maybe your spouse or your boss? You know that it’s not an experience you can wish to go through again. It is not encouraging now, just as it wasn’t in the old days when you were still young and dumb. No one appreciates people yelling at them, even if it’s their seniors.

They’ll leave you without an audience when they are boiling with anger. By the way, that’s the best way to escape trouble. Else you might lose it and do something you’ll regret later as sure as you live.

It is also worth noticing that some animals also share the same view. Yes, you got that right. Let’s try that again. It turns out that some animals can also get affected when someone yells at them. We are not talking about some baboon in the jungle. No, these are much closer to us. We even stay with some of these animals in our homes as our pets. One of them could be sitting on your lap right now.

In this article, we talk about one animal who hates yelling; your dog. If you are shocked so far, it means that you still don’t know much about your dog. Join us as we talk about how yelling affects your dog and whether you should be worried. We will also talk about some possible suggestions to give all of you peace of mind.

Dogs and Yelling

If you haven’t noticed yet, you should know that all dogs have a heart meant to pump blood. However, at the very seat of their soul, dogs are so tender. Did you know that? Well, you cannot see it looking at the dog. Outwardly, your dog seems so majestic. You will only get to know his weakness upon interacting with them. It’s pretty much the same with humans.

Since dogs are tender and have emotions, you should then expect them to respond to different circumstances. You may have a little dog who does nothing but sleep on the floor. However, unknown to you is the hidden intelligence that is beyond you. For instance, your dog will know whether your partner is okay or not days before you even enquire. Isn’t that something? Your dog only has to look at your eyes and facial expression to know.

Yelling Won’t Help

We tend to get things done when someone puts us under pressure; If this is not a general phenomenon, it could apply to most cases. But that can only work when dealing with humans. It’s entirely something else when dealing with dogs.

Have you noticed that you always yell over the same things each passing day? Well, that is because your pouch has not been learning anything. That is why you need to work on other ways to teach your favorite pet. Don’t you agree?

Why Would Your Dog Hate Yelling?

Do you hate yelling too? Well, why do you? It’s pretty much the same with your dog. In the paragraphs that follow, we give you some ideas as detailed by experts in dog behavior. Read on.

The first reason is that your dog probably finds yelling threatening. When yelling at your guilty canine, is there any other expression you make? Your dog has some knowledge about body movements.

What is your dog’s story? If you brought in your furry friend when he was past puppyhood, there is a possibility of abuse. The previous owner might have been yelling and mistreating the dog. Now your dog does not trust humans so much.

Doing It the Right Way

You already know that yelling doesn’t solve anything. So it would be best if you first got a grip of yourself. If you are going through some difficult times; could be at work or in your marriage, stay in control. That way, you will be able to keep your emotions in check.

Now that you are in check, you should try assuming your dog’s wrongs. That does not mean that you should not address the issues. Instead of punishing your canine more, you should think about rewarding him more. That way, he’ll learn lessons of obedience.

When to Consider Professional Help

Your goal should be working toward making your dog your best friend. However, despite your efforts, At times, the outcome does not favor you. That is when you need to consult a professional to help you with your dog. You can schedule a meeting with a dog behaviorist.

Wrapping It Up

Just like humans, some animals do not appreciate yelling. Among the crowd is your dog. Even though they may be annoying, yelling does not help. If you realize that your dog hates it, get a grip on yourself. Learn other alternatives for teaching your canine lessons on obedience.

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