My Dog Likes My Neighbor More Than Me!

People tend to have preferences regarding the company they keep. We pick and choose the people we surround ourselves with. Much like humans, our dogs also have their own preferences. For example, some do not take kindly to strangers, while others are just about the friendliest pup you ever did meet.

Now usually, there is nothing wrong with a very friendly dog. However, a problem arises when our dogs suddenly take a liking to other people, especially when they start to like them more than us. If it’s just a random stranger, that’s fine, you can let that pass. But what do you do when it’s someone nearer?

It’s never fun to see our precious dog be closer to someone else, so here’s what you ask when faced with that scenario.

How often do they interact?

Dogs typically choose their “person” by determining who provides their needs best. That doesn’t just mean food and a house, it also means spending quality time with them as well. If your neighbor is the one who regularly plays with them, if they’re the ones who give your dog those coveted belly rubs, then it’s no surprise if your dog starts to prefer them over you. Make sure you spend plenty of quality time with your pet if you don’t want their affections to shift to someone else.

On the other hand, if your dog and neighbor only pass each other by every other day, then you won’t find your answers here. Check out the next questions to see what you’re looking for.

Do you know your dog’s history?

This is mostly applicable for adopted or fostered dogs. A lot of dogs in adoption and rescue centers were abandoned or lost by their previous families. The reason your dog is suddenly attached to your neighbor could be traced back to their history.

Your neighbor may remind them of their previous owners. They could have similar habits, features, or maybe even a similar scent. If this is the case, then it is likely that your dog simply associates its positive memories with your neighbor. What you want to do is essentially “upstage” those memories by creating new ones with your dog. Become the best fur-parent possible, and your dog will eventually show you the results you’re hoping for.

How can you become your dog’s number one?

As I said, quality time is very important in establishing a better, more solid relationship with your dog. But there are lots more you can do to try and be your dog’s favorite. Here are a few other tips and tricks to help you with that:

  • Spend more time together. Any activity you do together counts towards a positive point. Even if you just sit on the couch while mindlessly giving him belly rubs, it’s sure to make him feel more comfortable with you. Regular activities you can do together include yard time, walks, and simply lounging.
  • Engage in play with your dog. If you have more time and energy to spare, it would be great if you actively played with your dog. Visit the dog park and play fetch or hide-and-seek with him. Make an obstacle course that you can train him on. Just make sure that you reward his good behaviors and give lots of pats and rubs.
  • Schedule your meals together. I know some people would find it weird, but it doesn’t hurt if you eat with your dog once in a while. After all, he’s part of the family too. Try having your meals in the living room where you can do some mealtime bonding together.
  • Make your grooming sessions enjoyable. Now, this one is hard for a lot of pet-owners. Giving them baths or trims isn’t exactly easy, but those moments are still bonding time for you both. Give your dog a massage from time to time. That way, you can build more trust for each other.

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