My Dog Paws at Me When I Stop Petting Her

Pawing is not something new with dogs because they use it for various reasons. Your dog will use her paws to hold up objects or to pass certain information. Dogs naturally love when you are petting them except for some extraordinary circumstances when they can rebel. To appreciate you for petting, she can paw in return, but persistent pawing afterward is awkward. If she continues pawing, she wants to be bossy around you by making you tune to her demands. Allowing your puppy to control you is dangerous. If you continue petting her as she demands, her behavior will grow out of hand and be worse. 

To stop her from this bad behavior, you have to take action and stop her as early as possible. The following are the tips on how to prevent your dog from pawing you when you stop petting her. 

Ignore Her

Most probably, your puppy is pawing you for you to continue petting her after stopping. She is consciously swaying you into her demands; the best thing to do is ignore and ignore. Act as if you didn’t hear her paws and if you were doing something, go ahead. 

Your pup can be aggressive and increase the intensity of her paws, hurting you instead. If you feel she can be aggressive, move to a different room to give her space to calm down. After walking away, forget about petting her for some time to let her learn a lesson. When ignoring her, don’t reinforce negatively or positively.

Teach Her When to Give a Paw

Like you do it to your babies or other pets, train her when to paw you and when to stop. When doing the training, involve the limits of giving a paw. Remember to teach her to interpret your facial or body expressions to determine when she crosses the limit. Dogs are naturally intelligent and can learn and read your expressions faster.

If you can’t teach her by yourself, consider taking her to your trainer to teach your puppy obedience training. 

Tell Her to Stop

You usually treat your furry friend as your kid and a family member. When a family member does something irritating, you stop them. Your puppy is no different; tell her to stop pawing you. She knows how to read your tone, so she will know when you are upset and angry. 

After reading your tonal variation, she will stop pawing and probably run away. You might yell if she scratches you deeper, hurting you but try and avoid it because it can spoil the bond between you.

Assign More Time for Petting

Your pup might be demanding more pets because she doesn’t get enough attention from you. To satisfy her, give her more time to allow you two to bond. Go out with her and do strolls around the estate, play, and even involve her toys. 

Remember not to play by throwing a toy her way immediately; she insists on you continuing with petting her. She will take advantage of the toy and paw it, which doesn’t make her stop the act.

Please Don’t Give in to Her Demand

Don’t continue petting as she wants. Pups can be funny by making you do what they want so that she sees your reaction. As she commands, she will make it a routine and demand it anywhere, which can be annoying. She will end up toying with your feelings and make you her slave whenever she wants. 

If you do as she wants after so many attempts of pawing, she will learn that for her to get continuous petting, she has to paw over and over again. 

Make Her Payback 

The chances of ignoring your furry friend after being away from her all day are minimal. You will find yourself giving in to her demands to counteract your guilt of not giving them enough time. Your guilt will make you cover up by continuing petting. In this case, ensure you make her pay in return for your kindness. Ask them to lie down for you to go on.

Doing this will make her understand that you are doing her a favor, and you are the boss of your territory. Remember, you need to prove to her that you are her commander, and she needs not to overpower you.

Punish the Dog 

Punishment has a way of correcting wrongdoing. Take her out of the room you were in. Close her up in a different room for some time before letting her go. If you do this anytime, she behaves this way; she will know it is wrong. She will stop pawing when you stop petting because she knows what awaits her if she does this. Please don’t feel bad when correcting her to have a well-mannered pup.


Understand that dogs love petting, but they should not take advantage of that to manipulate you. Your dog insisting on you petting her is a sign of behavioral change that she can use to take advantage. Yes, she might be complaining of not getting enough affection, but her pawing can hurt you. Your dog can also be bossy and make you follow her orders, which is very dangerous. To avoid her manipulation, tell her to stop, ignore, or make her payback.

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