My Dog Ran Away and Came Back Different

Losing one of your family members is painful, and your dog is not an exception. Being a dog parent might become intense in most cases, especially when your pet runs away. Dogs are just like children; if they run away, you would not tell what could happen next. Some dogs do come back home after running away, but with different behavior.

Why Did Your Dog Run Away?

Dogs can have their reasons why they run away from home. Now, you need to know some of these reasons to help you stay alert anytime you sense something odd with your dog, especially when you feel that he wants to run away. Do you want to know more? Keep scrolling.

It Is Your Dog’s Habit

Do you always provide your dog with too much freedom? Well, that might be the case. Your dog might have gotten used to space, and now it has become a habit for him. Maybe, it started with him roaming around the compound and felt that it is okay for him to do so. Later, it becomes a habit, and eventually, he tries to sneak out of the compound.


Frustration can lead to many things, especially to a dog. Your dog might feel bored and decides to take off. It could be as a result of you, as a dog parent, leaving them alone for a long time.

Separation and Anxiety

Your pet, at some point, feels anxious, especially if your family moved to a new place. It is expected not only for dogs but for human beings as well. Your dog might feel uneasy with the new location and start looking for the usual place he recognizes. In such scenarios, it is evident that he will come back but be disappointed.


One of the many reasons why a dog might run away from home is because of sex drive. Just like human beings, dogs have feelings and desires too. He might become sexually active, and due to that, confining him might be difficult.

Signs to Show Your Dog Came Back Differently After Running Away

Your dog might have different behaviors after returning from where he went. You need to know some of the reactions your dog might be showing when he comes back home differently after running away. Read below.


Your dog might have had good times wherever he went, and you might have just seen some satisfaction and calm behavior on him. That is why he is different.


Your dog might come back home showing a dull face. It is clear that wherever he went was not as welcoming as he expected. Or maybe he feels tired and exhausted after having a long walk, and that is just normal.


Your dog just ran away to fulfill his sexual desires, and there must be an outcome. Well, at some point, you will notice some changes in him. He might just become pregnant.


Fear is a familiar feeling that any living thing might encounter at some point. Well, your dog might have run away because he is scared of something. The everyday things that your dog might fear are fireworks and thunderstorms.

Want to Know What to Do Next?

Here are some of the things you can do to help your dog.

Train Your Pet

The best thing to do is to train your dog to control the behavior of running away. Yes, it might take time and effort for your dog to catch up, but it might be of great help. One of the fantastic things you can opt for is by training your pet on the commands or tricks of staying at home and letting him practice them more often. Let him know what harm it may cause to him whenever he runs away from home.

Keep Your Dog Company

Your dog needs company, that’s all. He is lonely and decides to run away. Spend as much time as you can with him by playing and walking with him every day. Remember, if you don’t have enough time to be with him, keep him inside his room.


Your dog will come back home different after running away; for many reasons like tiredness, maybe he witnessed something different that might affect his mind from where he went. If your dog feels different and is alarming to you, kindly contact a vet to check up on your dog.