My Dog Sleeps With Me and Has Fleas

You will agree that dogs play their role well in terms of being our companions. When you go out for exercises, they will go with you and even make your time more enjoyable. When you feel low in the house, they’ll figure out ways of making you feel better. You’ll see them come to you and lie at your feet and let you rub their fur. Also, they will do all kinds of crazy stuff like funny movements to get your attention. When you sleep at night, they will follow you to your room and sleep on your bed.

Even though we like their company, we are not always safe. And that is because of a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is the parasites attacking them. In our case, we are talking about fleas.

In this article, we talk about a case where your dog sleeps with you, yet he has fleas. It is natural to get worried since you do not want to end up in a hospital soon. That is why we will give you answers to the pressing questions touching on your safety and comfort. Join us as we have this conversation.

Should You Be Worried About the Fleas?

Anyone should be worried when their dogs sleep with them and have fleas. For all you know, they could be having more than what you have seen. Some parasites like ticks hide under a dog’s fur. That makes it difficult to spot them. Why should you get worried?

One cause of worry is that fleas do not have a taste for only dogs. They will have no problem trying humans out. And you do not want that. With a bite, you will wake up in the morning and grab a brush to scratch your itchy body. Now, you don’t want that experience at your workplace too. You’ll leave your workmates wondering what’s wrong with you.

Apart from bites from fleas, the next thing you should worry about is the safety of your bed. Since that also translates to your comfort while sleeping. We talk about this in the following segment.

Fleas in Your Bed

Have you ever heard of the term seed dispersal? Well, if you haven’t, it involves animals carrying a seed from one point to the other. When it falls from the animal’s body, the seed germinates. But how does that theory relate to your dog? Continue reading.

Since your dog sleeps with you and has fleas, you should expect the fleas to fall from your dog. They can fall anywhere your dog sits or sleeps. That includes your carpet and bed. The problem is that when you do not clean the surfaces, the fleas hide. Another problem is that your dog is not only carrying the fleas but also their eggs. Your bed is probably warm enough to help the eggs hatch. You do not want that to happen since that can drive you nuts.

Signs That Your Dog Brought Fleas to Your Bed

There are two signs that you should watch out for if your dog left fleas on your bed. The first one is the dirt left by the fleas. You can easily see them in your sheets as they are dark but also tiny. They are feces from the fleas.

The other sign is more evident in case you miss the first sign. And that is the bites. If you have fleas on your bed, they will always bite you at night. Apart from the itchy feeling, you will see a region probably on your ankle, reddish from the bites and scratch.

Once you see the signs of flea invasion on your bed, you have to take measures. Read on to learn about what you can do to save your dog and yourself, together with your house.

What You Need to Do

The first thing you need to do is getting rid of your dog. Wait a minute. We are not talking about killing your dog. What we mean is that you should take your dog out of your room. It would be best if you didn’t let your dog sleep with you on your bed anyway. That is the first precaution to take.

Secondly, you need to rid your house of fleas. And that includes spraying your dog, your bed, and every corner your dog visits. If you feel like you need professional help with that, you should seek assistance from an exterminator.

Lastly, if you notice any symptoms in your dog like lethargy, contact your vet immediately. They may call your dog in for treatment. And if they don’t, the vet will tell you what to do.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Dogs like to stay around their owners. As a result, you will find them sleeping in your bed. That is not strange, but at the same time, it is not safe. Dog’s have parasites like fleas. Fleas are likely to fall on your bed and bite you when you are asleep. That puts you in danger with your house. Take action by exterminating the fleas or hiring an exterminator. If you see any symptoms of sickness from your dog, contact your vet.

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