My Dog Swallowed a Popsicle Stick Whole

Dogs are known to chew and even swallow all types of wood material, which luckily pass smoothly via poop. In this case, a popsicle stick swallowed whole shouldn’t mainly do any harm to your dog, especially if they are large. But then again, you shouldn’t assume, and the best way would be to keep checking their poop to see if it is finally out. Experts say the window period within which the stick should pop is 24- 48 hours after ingestion.

Your dog may also vomit out the stick, and that would be it. There shouldn’t be any cause for concern unless you see other severe symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting. If your dog, out of the routine, stops eating and appears weak, something could be wrong. The most likely scenario is that the stick is stuck somewhere along the gastrointestinal tract. It is also why you should be calling the vet right away.

Your Dog’s Condition Depends on a Few Factors

Although your dog swallowing a popsicle stickle shouldn’t send you in a frenzy, other aspects can spell danger. For example, is your dog of the smaller breeds? These tiny kind’s throats and intestinal tract are equally small and underdeveloped. For that reason, it could be difficult for them to handle a popsicle stick passing through comfortably. The second question to address is if you’re sure there was no chewing, which is less dangerous. On the contrary, swallowing might cause your dog problems. The whole stick going into their body means it could easily get lodged somewhere and cause damage.

Lastly, you shouldn’t expect the popsicle stick’s digestion or breakdown because it is already treated. The hope is that if it comes out, then it should be the entire piece. You must patiently wait to see it, and if not, then the other option is to consult the vet.

What You Need to Do Once Your Dog Swallows a Popsicle Stick

If it’s a one-off incident, then it would be good to speak with your vet and hear what they have to say about it. Most certainly, a vet would reassure you and put your fears to rest. The doc might also ask that you closely watch your dog and note any behavior changes. Poop-watching would be part of the plan to see if the whole stick comes out in the fecal matter. In the meantime, any vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy should immediately raise your antennae and prompt you into calling the vet.

Generally, you should patiently watch your animal for the next one week for any alarming symptoms. While experts say your dog should either poop or vomit the object within 24 to 48 hours,  some dogs can take much longer. Therefore you should not panic if they seem fine, yet they have not defecated the stick.

Inducing Vomiting Should Be Out of the Question

Although you would be tempted to make your dog vomit once you find that you have swallowed a popsicle stick, this is not advisable. If there are any stick shards lodged in there, they could lacerate and damage the esophagus while coming out. You should mostly work closely with the vet and see the best and safest way to extract it.

Why Would Your Pop Swallow the Popsicle Stick?

It should never come as a shocker, but some dogs merely love eating anything they fancy. Others have a penchant for chewing on wood substances and can accidentally swallow. But in the most severe cases, your dog could be having a psychological disorder known as pica. This condition makes your dog crave strange non-food substances due to iron and zinc deficiency. A single incident shouldn’t worry you, but if they are continually displaying the habit, you should work with the doc to address the underlying dietary issues.

Can You Stop Your Pup from Eating Popsicle Sticks?

Once you know your dog is the type that will eat anything in their sight, you must put any objects that they can consume out of reach. A dog trainer can also help you teach your dog not to eat harmful non-food substances. Training is more effective when your dog is younger. The method you adopt for them can prevent problematic behavior, including poor eating habits. Finally, the vet can also examine your dog for any nutritional deficiencies that make your dog eat oddly.

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