My Dog Thinks He Owns Me

Does your dog display such dominant behavior, strolling around like the boss, and you are merely a sub-member? Your observation should not be far from the truth, especially if they are an alpha breed. Some of the characteristics of a very bossy dog include biting, especially if you decide to play with another dog. Are they aggressive towards you in any way, or they jump and start licking your face uninvited? That is domineering behavior that you must nip in the bud. 

Most of the ownership traits border on antisocial. When your pup is aggressive, it can lead to fighting, unnecessary barking, biting, and other unacceptable behavior. The best way for either you would be to reclaim your alpha role.

Other Dog Traits That Confirm They Own You

You must retrace your steps if your dog claims the comfiest seat in the house and leaves you reclining on the hardest of chairs. Do they angrily growl at you as you come close to their food or toys? It is a dog’s way of trying to control you. Usually, they want to keep you very far from their possessions. Another way to know your dog is alpha is when they stare straight into your eyes and will not try to turn away from your gaze.

In the meantime, do they want to enter every doorway first before you? If they walk you, instead of you walking them or marking around your property, it is another clear sign of ownership. There are still so many other alpha traits that you can detect, and it is essential to make a few changes if you want to avoid unnecessary challenges with your furry friend.

Human Actions That Contribute to Canine Bossy Behavior

Did you know that some of your behavior towards your dog can encourage aggression? For example, extra cuddly behavior tends to spoil your dog. Doing so makes them want to either want to protect or dominate you. Again, they would do anything to keep you from associating with any other dog/ and even people. There are times when such dogs will bite humans who came close to their masters. Again, as an alpha, the dog considers you as one of one the pack, and once you surrender your place to them, they begin to challenge you and want to take over by all means, including being aggressive towards you.

How to Reclaim Your Position as a Master?

The good news is that even though your dog thinks he owns you, you can still reclaim your leadership position. For example, you can begin calling the shots by starting them on obedience training. If you do not have the necessary obedience training skills, get a professional instructor to help. Training sessions with your dog do not have to be exhausting and tedious. Most instructors will take you through the classes and make everything as fun and smooth as possible. The best thing is you will be back in the driving seat within no time and with a submissive dog, who also likes the company of other dogs.

Other Ways to Subdue Your Dog

Although obedience training can help reign in your overly bossy dog, you can use other strategies as well. An important step is to try and earn their respect. This is the only way they can consider you as their leader. The best way to hack this method is by firmly letting them know what is acceptable to you. It would also help if you were quite firm to show what is unacceptable and not barge, no matter what. You need to establish a particular routine and structure that indicates some discipline in their daily existence.

Most dogs naturally know that every pack needs a leader, who must show some assertiveness.  By being highly firm and forceful, you easily earn the respect of your dog. Lastly, you must demonstrate your responsibility by offering the safety and protection your pup requires as your sub-member. You need to give the orders and make the decisions, while also showing your canine what is wrong and what is right. Always stand tall, and be as authoritative as possible. Within no time, you will have taken over your leadership role completely.

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