My Dog Won’t Jump in the Car

Puppies, just like human beings, have their capabilities and personality traits. There are things your puppy knows how to do while others you have taught him. For example, your puppy might learn how to climb something or jump but fail at running. Teaching your pup to do some things can be annoying at times, especially if he’s reluctant to learn, but if you want an easy time, you’ll have to be patient. If your canine won’t jump into the car, you’ll have a rough time dragging him up whenever you want to go out. Why would he not jump in? is he refusing or doesn’t know how to do it? Is there anything you can do to change this behavior? Read on to understand all this.

Your Pup Might Be Scared of the Car

Suppose your dog is scared of the car; he will not jump in. Maybe to him, this is a strange object he’s never seen in his life, and you want him to jump in. Or he did jump in one day, and something terrible did happen to make him fear doing that again. If you notice this as the reason,try and make him overcome his fears. Make him feel confident and courageous enough to jump into the car. You can do this by training him through commands and giving rewards. Include some objects which he knows to make the training session easy before introducing him to the car.

You can also let your pup familiarize himself with the car so that he knows what it is before using it. Feed him inside the vehicle, but when the engine is off and doors open. Do this regularly until he gets comfortable being inside the car.

What’s Your Destination?

Another reason your pup might not want to jump into the car is your destination. It could be that anytime he’s to get into the vehicle, the journey ends at a place he doesn’t like. The vet’s office is one of the places your puppy never wants to go to. And if it’s the only reason that makes him use the car, he’ll know that and refuse to hop in. Pups hate vet offices because of the activities that happen while they are there, like getting vaccinations. If you want to make your puppy enjoy jumping into the car, let the vet visits be pleasant. Consider giving him treats while there so that he jumps into the car knowing that there’s something good while at the office.

Maybe Your Canine Is in Pain

Suppose your puppy has an injury in his legs; he may fail to jump in. Because doing so will trigger the pain he’s experiencing, making him uncomfortable. He could also be having a painful swelling in his limbs, so be keen to check on that. If you realize that’s the reason, take him to the vet to get medications. But if it’s something you can manage at home, do so as you wait for him to recover.

The Age of Your Pup Might Also Be an Issue

An old dog might find it challenging to jump into the car because of a lack of enough strength. Suppose your pup is younger; he may also fail to jump into the car because of the distance and inexperience. To avoid dragging him into the car, bring a ramp to walk on into the car. You can also teach your young inexperienced pup how to jump into the car.

Your Puppy Could Be Suffering from Car Sickness

Your puppy may fail to jump into the car because of car sickness. Meaning any time your pup hops into the car, he experiences motion sickness. At times, the moving vehicle’s noise could be irritating him, making him not jump into the car since he fears encountering the same thing. If your pup is younger and experiencing this make him use the car often to get used to the experience. But if he’s an older pup who didn’t travel much while younger, you can ask your vet to give him travel medications.


If your pup won’t jump into the car, don’t force him to do that. You can either teach him how to do that if he doesn’t know it. Suppose he could do that before refusing to jump in check if he’s sick and in pain or if age is catching up with your pup. In this case, consider using a ramp.

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